Photo of closed vending machine. Photo by Valerie Gonzaga.

Photo of closed vending machine. Photo by Valerie Gonzaga.


ASB representatives recently participated in a meeting held at the Bonita Golf Course to decide on whether or not to terminate their contract with the vending machine provider, CANTEEN because they do not comply with BVHS’ interests. Vending machines on campuses in the Sweetwater Union High School District were either closed down or returned to the company. There will be no access to them until a new service provider is approved of.

CANTEEN is the successor to a prior contract with Rainbow vending until they were bought out by the company. CANTEEN’s contract was revoked for not following regulations such as adding another gatorade machine without permission or not complying with what the representatives wanted. One of their desires included a remote control to regulate the availability of vending machines in between passing periods to reduce student distraction.

“It will save the kids money. I don’t think there was anything really that bad in the vending machines,” health teacher Shannon Bruce said. “I like the vending machines on campus if they don’t have junk in them. I think it is great for a kid who needs to have a little snack between classes to go to the vending machine.”

Without a company to provide the vending machines, they will be temporarily unavailable. ASB representatives will be called by the district to vote for the new vending machine service provider. Once a company has won the bidding for a new provider, vending machines will be back with snacks chosen by the ASB.

“In the short term, kids who were going to the vending machines may have to buy directly from the ASB for the products or from the cafeteria,” Nutrition Services Director, Eric Span said.

With the bidding being organized, it is expected that a new service provider will be available by the end of this year or around early next year. While the standardized vending machine removal affects the whole district, high school and middle school ASBs operate differently, making their choices separate. This means that while the high schools chose to get a new service provider, the middle school representatives decided to keep the service.

“I don’t think that they [students] won’t have access [to vending machines], it makes the process a little longer [to get snacks and bottled drinks] but hopefully there’s another company or some other vending machines that are going to be on campus to be there for the students,” Span said.

Once the vending machines are back, there will be a choice of healthy snacks following the guidelines set by former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“The ASB, I’m positive will make sure that the food being sold in the vending machines will follow those guidelines, I’m pretty positive because they’re smart people and they wouldn’t want to plop you up,” Bruce said.