Sydney Austin

Person #1 Name: Sydney Austin Grade: 12th' g ' What are your views on feminism?

“A lot of overzealous views don’t represent the whole idea of feminism very well. Overall, the true core values of feminism are good.”

Ari Michelson (Color). Barons Speak. KW

Person #2

Name: Ari Michelson

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What are your views on feminism?

“Neither sex should be given any special rights under any system; however, women should be able to stay at home from work for a longer period of time as a baby needs its mother more. ”

Gloria Monroy (Color). Barons Speak. KW

Person #3

Name:Gloria Monroy


What are your views on feminism?

“[Although] women should have all the same rights as men, I don’t believe that women can do some of the things men can do.”


Person #4

Name: Anthony Mendoza


What are your views on feminism?

“I think women should be paid less because they can’t perform certain tasks that men can, like the ones that require strength in manual labor jobs.”