By Sebastian Mason @sebastcrusader

Days after each quarterly progress report is issued, the Sweetwater Union High School District compiles all the data of the grades, and puts the results into a report. The district breaks down the grades by individual subjects and shows the percentage of A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s and F’s and sends the report to each school’s administration. The administration then gives the report to the teachers with the hopes of them making changes resulting in an increase of passing grades. Though the report shows that Bonita does not have the highest amount of A’s or the least amount of F’s, some believe there might be good reason for that.

“There are lots of reasons for [the percentages]. It could be that our level of rigor is higher,” geometry teacher Janice Cook said.

One of the major goals the administration has is not to simply to raise the amount of A’s and B’s listed in Bonita’s progress reports, but to ensure the quality of the education given on site is up to par.

“The concern that we have as a school is to ensure that the instruction is occurring, ensure that interventions are taking place, and to see what we can do as a school to provide the best services,”  Bonita Vista assistant principal Ruben Baeza said.

The administration is doing just that. Scheduling meetings with the parents of students with three or more F’s is just one of the things that the administration is doing to ensure that the amount of passing grades increases.

“We do some reteaching to make sure that ARC is aligned to be what it says. So, there are a lot of little things that we are trying to do to be able to support the students better,” Baeza said

The administrators are not the only ones that take on the task of raising the grades. The counselors have goals of their own too.

“We as counselors have a goal to raise our A-G completions by the end of the year,” counselor Gisela Lopez said

In fact, the counselors have a process of intervention that they hope will help them meet their own goals with the students.

“We identify students by grade level and we send a letter home. For seniors, we contact the parents through the phone. We might have contact with the parents of the other grades. From there, we set up conferences with students,” Lopez said.

Many teachers and students believe that the statistics of the grades do not speak for the quality of education that Bonita offers.

“I think at this point they are just numbers.  I would still hold on to the fact that I think this is the highest achieving school in the district,” Cook said.