By, Kathy Tang

On Feb. 6, the varsity boys basketball team went head to head against the Eastlake Titans. Barons took the lead for the first three quarters but suffered a loss to the Titans 65-53.

“We started the game off great [but] Eastlake played much better, and made more shots,” Head Coach Don Dumas said.

The first quarter ended with a score of 15-14. At the last second of the second quarter, sophomore side guard and forward Sage Crawford made a 3-point shot, putting Barons in the lead going into halftime with a score of 37-27.

“In the second half, we couldn’t find our rhythm and we missed shots that we usually make,” Dumas said.

During  the second half of the third quarter, the Titans made a comeback, taking the lead at the end of the third quarter with 52-47 and into the last quarter. The last shot was made by senior shooting guard Nicolas “Nick” Cevallos, ending the game with a victory for the Titans of 65-53.

“I was extremely proud of my team for the amount of heart and effort that was exerted into the game, it just so happened that we came up short in the end” Cevallos said.

Despite the team’s’ loss, they have high hopes and expectations for the future.

“We control our own destiny, and if we win our next three [games] we will be league champions. We are focused on Mater Dei now,” Dumas said.