By Carolina Rubio

It is Tuesday morning, 6:30 am, and members of the Association of the Student Body sit around a cheap, laminate, faux wood table to discuss themes for upcoming spirit weeks and assemblies before focusing on the nut and bolt organization.

“In the meeting we go over what is going to be in the assembly, the scheduling, and who is going to perform. If one meeting a week isn’t enough, we’ll meet at lunch,” senior Spirit Commissioner Kevin McCann said.

Days earlier, on Friday, February 20,  the ASB hosted the second annual Bonita Vista Television awards assembly, theme inspired by the MTV awards. This winter sports assembly was carefully scripted and planned down to the minute. ASB President Jenny Oh explains that the idea behind the assembly was rooted in the desire to create a new tradition by repeating the formula used by the 2013-2014 ASB Cabinet.

“Since last year we did BVTV awards like the Oscars, we thought it would be a good idea to have another one this year,” Oh said.

When it comes to selecting a theme, the ASB takes into account different members’ ideas, while also considering the events surrounding the assembly, whether it be sports or a local interest such as Comic-Con, inspiration for the Comic-Crown assembly, or a particular holiday season. In terms of selecting a host, McCann explains that members are very cooperative when it comes to picking masters of ceremonies.

“It is really a consensus. If you want to host, you say you want to host. It will be two or three people, maybe four,” McCann said.

Leading up to the assembly, the Spirit Committee is in charge of assigning themes for particular days and making sure these spirit days go beyond the basic ideas. The ambition behind spirit weeks such as Comic-Crown, Cream Cheeselake, and most recently the BVTV awards, is to create traditions that make high school a memorable time and to build continuity with all Barons past and present.

“The images on screen looked like something you’d actually see on television.  It made it authentic and fun”, said Sophomore Kyle Garrity. “The atmosphere was great, and everyone in the school came together.”

Spirit weeks tend to be relatively exhausting for ASB members. It takes continuous efforts to hold activities in the quad for the consecutive days leading up to the assembly, but it’s essential in getting Barons pumped up. Yet, the most stressful moment before the actual assembly is the night before, when all members stay after school from anywhere between 5 pm to 11 pm.

“The entire ASB comes together. We set up posters on the wall, as well as decorations, things in the backdrop, and performers such as the dance crew rehearse there,” McCann said.

Other members stress the importance of the preparation process as well. They run through entails setting up streamers, decorating the entire gym, pulling out the bleachers, and setting up posters.

“We usually get here around 7 p.m. to take care of posters,” ASB member Kianna Sparks said. “Once we get to the gym, tech sets up and does run-throughs for the actual assembly. The hosts practice as well and it’s usually really hectic.”

Thursday night is crucial for performers, since they are allowed to experience the instability of the small stage at the gym and block spots in their number. Music Machine Dance Captain Christian Cervantes feels that although it is more difficult to perform in front of friends, it is very rewarding to show others their talent and what they’re able to do.

hereIt’s really nice that we get to use different groups from the school like Music Machine or Dance; it’s easier for us because it takes up more time and people really enjoy it,” Sparks said.

Assistant Principal of Student Activities, Christopher Alvarez, explains that this year’s ASB has been particularly efficient with the organization and carrying out of a spirit week and assembly. The 2014-2015 ASB has also been credited with restoring a newfound sense of school spirit, as evidenced by the turnout at assemblies—beginning with the Comic-Crown spirit week in which numerous students had to return to class due to lack of available seating.

Last week’s BVTV awards assembly began with the usual class roll call, followed by a new segment: class karaoke. This part of the assembly received significant and positive feedback on Twitter and many Barons also praised the video of teachers dancing to Uptown Funk. ASB members dressed up for the awards show and presented the winter sports teams as if they had each won an Oscar. Friar Tux sponsored suits for the men and AmandaLee Kololeke Jazmin provided makeup.

Based on the positive student feedback on social media, the ASB certainly managed to rally up the school for a creative spirit week and an assembly full of positive energy. With 86 likes on the ASB Facebook page, it seems the BVTV awards assembly and overall theme resulted in a success.

“I am on water polo and it was exciting to be recognized by my school at Friday’s assembly. [Assemblies] are a part of high school that you need to experience…you don’t get it any place else. It is something to cherish”, said sophomore Emily Williams.