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“I’m starting this blog in order to rid of my horrible feeling of having nothing to offer,” reads Amanda Fimbres’ first entry into The Qaddish, a blog about her involvement with music, passion for interesting groups, and rock concert experiences. Her typical life can be viewed in a different perspective through her blog, and she hopes to enlighten her generation through the tool that all teenagers worship: the internet.

“I went through this phase when I was just really into learning about different religions. So when I read about The Qaddish, an ancient Jewish prayer in which one recites when a loved one has passed,” said Fimbres, “It has rules as to when and how it should be recited; at first I found that to be a hassle, but then I realized the inconvenience is what makes it that much more honorable to the person who’s passed.”

Fimbres’ blog entries vary from teens hating on all things modern, to the intimacy of the Sodabar Concert Venue in San Diego.

“I’d been wanting to start for a long time, and I thought it’d only make sense to since I already really like talking about music […] I’m really not musically talented,” Fimbres said, “I thought that in this way, I could still contribute to the music world and have people listen to what I have to say.”

She has interviewed touring bands such as San Diegan surf punk band The Frights, Crystal Antlers,  The Foundation Of, Coma Cinema, Homeshake, and Melted Toys, all relatively known by rock music devotees. When it comes to obtaining interviews or grabbing their attention, Fimbres said “simply harass bands through social media until they agree to help me [into the show].”  She has also scored an interview with the indie-pop band Tennis.

“I have a couple more interviews scheduled for this month and I have yet to post all those other interviews, so I have a lot of work,” Fimbres said.

Fimbres has also written entries about concert venues in our area. “They need to understand they’re at a concert, and getting weird is expected,” reads her blog in regards to people who do not enjoy dancing in the mosh pit. Concerts seems to be the main focus of her blog, yet her wordy and elaborate entries shed light on deeper thoughts that cross Fimbres’ mind.

For now, her near-future plans are college, having applied to schools such as University of San Francisco and UCLA. She hopes to take a year abroad in New Zealand. Fimbres’ interest in studying there is mainly because she would like to live in a place where people’s drive isn’t superficial, a place where people don’t entirely focus on financial success.

“Also, there are no animals in New Zealand that can kill you, and nothing poisonous and that rocks.” In regards to her blog, she considers continuing on her blog, which she loves.

“One of the reasons I started was because I go to a lot of concerts anyways, and research about bands that I’m listening to whether I plan on writing about them or not,” Fimbres said.

She feels that contributing something to the world, whether it is a deeply nurtured talent or a music blog, it is inversely beneficial to create something in comparison to sharing nothing, which, according to her, leaves one feeling “like a more intense version of not being able to sneeze”.

“My hopes for this blog is to make people happy, because maybe then when I die I won’t be easily forgotten,” said Fimbres, “I don’t want to die and not be worth the hassle of having the Qaddish recited for me, even if I’m not Jewish… I want to be commemorated.”