BVHS Principal Bettina Batista joins others in honoring the memory of Christian Gilstrap at the Baron's season opener against Vista.

BVHS Principal Bettina Batista joins others in honoring the memory of Christian Gilstrap at the Baron’s season opener against Vista. PHOTO by Elizabeth Jantz.


By Victoria Esquivel, Staff Writer

Hundreds of spectators gathered to attend the varsity football game friday night Aug. 28th against the Vista High School Panthers. Barons wore blue and gold painted faces and sported their school pride with friends and family at the Southwestern College DeVore football stadium. The game ended with a win for Bonita 12-0. It was the first varsity win in history against Vista.

“[Football] brings people together. It’s one of the few things, off the top of my head outside of religion, it brings communities together [or] large amounts of people together,” freshmen football coach Bobby Laguna said.

According to Laguna, the last time the Barons played against Vista was in 2006 ending in defeat in a home game. Laguna attends the varsity games to watch and support the team. He also stated that Vista is a very tough opponent but he expects to win. Although Vista High School is a Division one team, the Barons have a special motivation this season.

“We are dedicating this season to Christian Gilstrap who passed away unfortunately,” said Laguna.

Gilstrap passed away after graduating in June from Bonita Vista with the class of 2015, and also took part in the football program during his high school years. A small memorial in recognition for Gilstrap was done minutes before game time. Baron spectators attended the game wearing white to honor his memory.

The first two quarters of the game were evenly matched with a score of 0-0. Early into the second quarter, Vista player fumbled and was tackled by Baron number 89, defensive linesmen, Moli Faalogo. With approximately 30 seconds left in the first half, Bonita scored their first touchdown of the season and ended the second quarter with a lead of 6-0.

“I’ve been around the program for several years and the program itself has lacked a certain X-factor. I think this year is the year that we finally have it from top to bottom,” freshmen and JV quarterback coach Mohammede Abbuamer said.

With two minutes left in the third quarter, senior linebacker Chris Boguille scored a field goal and put Barons in the lead 9-0. The beginning of the fourth quarter Vista had a breakaway leading into a touchdown but was annulled by the referee for a violation made by the opposing team. Barons then gained possession by an interception, quarterback Anthony Posada then sent a long ball to wide receiver Keenan Ellis number 17 landing them 15 yards from the end zone. Senior kicker Matt Michuad scored the second field goal of the game, leading 12-0 for Bonita. Vista then ended the game 30 seconds before time ran out.

Barons football snap to a 12-0 victory against the Vista Black Panthers.

Barons football snap to a 12-0 victory against the Vista Black Panthers. PHOTO by Elizabeth Jantz.

“We are nine games away from the end of the regular season so every day we have to take it and get better and better,” Abbuamer said.

At the end of the fourth quarter, Bonita Vista had a 12 point lead against the opposing score of zero. According to Abbuamer, the team cannot be satisfied with just one win, they need to stay hungry. Bonita’s next home game is Oct. 2 against Helix High School.

“One Family One Purpose, that’s our motto and we have to live by it. We are one big family out here, not just this program, not just the team, but this whole entire community,” Abbuamer said.