ClubBlueBy Emily Quiles

Pink Martini, the American based musical group composed of colourful beats from around the world, invited Club Blue to their performance on January 29 at the Balboa Theatre. Pink Martini has collaborated and performed with numerous artists and performers such as Rufus Wainwright, Joey Arias, and the original Sesame Street. Club Blue joined Pink Martini’s performance, as the grand finale, as well as an unexpected performance for the audience.

The marching band, drumline, and colorguard performed three songs with the musical group. The first song, Donde Estas, Yolanda? was performed with Club Blue, drumline, and colorguard. The lively composition provided beats for the audience to dance. Not one individual in the seats was sitting. Club Blue then performed their own piece, Water, written by the Bonita band director, Jason Mangan. Finally, Pink Martini and Club Blue closed the music-filled night with a Pink Martini track, Brazil. By closing the show of a well-known musical group, Club Blue was given an “unforgettable opportunity,” said Mangan, as well as “recognition for Bonita Vista High School.”

Pink Martini’s founder of the musical group and pianist, Thomas Lauderdale, is good friends with band director Mangan, giving Club Blue their third opportunity to perform with the group. The night was filled with musically aspiring students as well as professionals, yet the difference of experience became unoticable that night. Their passion of music was present through their trumpets, flutes, and drums.

Pink Martini is not a simple musical group, and the complexity of sounds they present coupled with a use of impressive visuals makes Pink Martini standout.

“In the beginning there was just four of us […] then gradually it grew to 12 to 14 people full time,” said Lauderdale.

This galore of sounds and visuals exploded as the members of Pink Martini filed in through the curtains. When Club Blue joined them, they spread throughout the theatre and lined every walkway, filling every empty space. The drumline and colorguard were on stage behind Pink Martini. The theatre filled with bodies and the air filled with the an exotic mixture of latin and traditional marching band music.

The big event took time and dedication to make sure nothing would go wrong on the final day, “We’re constantly with the band more than we are with our own families,” said high school senior Maddie Upton.

Yet not all were under the demeaning pressures of the performance that were provided from preparation. “We’ve been getting ready for a couple weeks at the most. But we’ve been focusing on our winter performance more,” said high school sophomore Kaylee Bruns.

After a couple hours of mental adjustment and encouragement from each other before the performance, band practiced for their performance with Pink Martini one last time. Mangan conducts verbal instructions as the band members get their instruments in pristine condition, “On Brazil stand at attention. The drums come in, And now you dance!”

Club Blue members were running off of pure nerve and felt the pressure to make the performance perfect. “Give them the reason to like you more than they like their own children,” Mangan said.

The time and dedication that was put into the performance payed off in the end. “These kids are incredible,” said Lauderdale. “This is what the future should be! We’re now in a technological nightmare, and these kids help prove otherwise.”

Club Blue’s journey to fame does not stop after this single performance. The Bonita Vista band will be performing on April 20th at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan, New York City. “It’s amazing that this band is going to Carnegie Hall. It’s really awesome,” Lauderdale said.

Lauderdales lively attitude simplify the many complications that high school offers to the band’s full time students. Lauderdale reminds them that academics is, “not for everyone and that is normal.” The same goes for the arts; its not for everyone.

“Not everyone can do it,” said Mangan, the tedious work of learning an instrument is never easy, but the rewards are priceless. Pink Martini helped inspire the Bonita Vista band members as well as color guard to continue to perform with aspiring thoughts of their musical careers.