By Carissa Vargas

It seems like everywhere you turn there is something Marvel related. There are advertisements for Thor: The Dark World, “now out on DVD.” The newest Captain America: Winter Soldier  and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers being all the rage all over the internet. New shows like Agents of SHIELD and a possible Peggy Carter spin-off turn up on T.V. There are a million and one Marvel hero-based merchandise, from dozens of tablet and phone cover selections to mini-snail-knitted avengers. Marvel has just about taken over the world.

Which begs the question: Why so popular? What is so interesting about these masked vigilantes and a world constantly at danger and plagued by epic hero-villain battles? Well, there are several thing which appeal to the people of today.

Marvel has selected a perfect time to come swinging full-force back into popularity. Social media today is at its fastest and brightest; websites such as tumblr, twitter, and facebook create interaction between actor and fan so that fans get the latest scoop on their favorite superheroes with amazing speed.

But to add onto the platform which social media has laid down, the cynical and somewhat bleak world view in society is just the perfect time to call in some superheroes; people who fight in the name of justice and look out for the common man with extraordinary powers. Maybe a high-tech, new age world which encounters the supernatural and aliens alike is just what this highly technology-based and introspective society is looking for. The siren call of superpowers, good triumphing over evil, and special secret agencies with alien tech is too good to ignore in a time of economic struggles, political corruption, and technological advancement.