Bonita’s offensive line prepares to snap the ball in an attempt to gain a first down. Despite Posada’s injury the team still was able to pull out a win against Otay. Photo taken by Elizabeth Jantz

by David Ochoa



The pressure leading up to Bonita Vista’s homecoming game on Friday, November 6, 2015, was high as the Bonita Vista Barons played their last regular game of the season against the Otay Ranch Mustangs. Going into the game as number one in the league with a record of 7-2 and a a 4 game win streak, Bonita was up for the league title, something they have not come close to winning in almost ten years.

“We’re not good yet. We’re not hitting on all cylinders yet,” Head Coach Chris Thompson said.

Despite several strong attempts by Bonita, they were unable to score in the first quarter of the game while Otay scored once. During the first quarter, Bonita’s starting quarterback, Anthony Posada, suffered a knee injury. In the second quarter, Bonita scored a touchdown but missed the field goal after it bounced off the goal post.

“The chips were against us when our starting quarterback, Anthony Posada, went down with a knee injury early in the game. He toughed it out, [which is] kind of the story of our whole season; just playing tough, playing through everything, and coming out with a victory,” Director of football operations coach Mohammed Abuamer said.

Following the half-time show put on by Bonita Vista’s Associated Student Body (ASB), the Vocal Music Department, the Dance Department, and Club Blue.  in which Homecoming King Todd Struiksma and Queen Rosalee Espiritu were announced, Bonita stepped up their defense, sacking the Otay quarterback and causing several fumbles later into the game. In the fourth quarter, however, Bonita took the lead with a 4th and 1 touchdown and an unsuccessful two point conversion, bringing the score to 12-7.

“We were down 7-6 and we got that big pass on the goal line. We banged it over and we came back and got on the goal line again, its fourth down and Posada runs the play accident, throws the ball to Willy for the touchdown to make it 12,” Thompson said.

Late in the fourth quarter, Bonita Vista’s defense caused a fumble by Otay that would later be recovered by Bonita. After three runs by Greg Bell, Bonita ended up back at the goal line. A nine yard pass by Posada scored Bonita its third and final touchdown of the night and its first successful two point conversion, bringing the score to 20-7. Despite a late interception by Otay Ranch,  they were forced to turnover the ball due to a fourth down conversion, putting the ball back in Bonita hands, where the last 24 seconds of the clock were run down to win Bonita its first league title in roughly ten years.

“They performed like they performed all year. We kind of make it hard on ourselves, but when the chips are down they really pull together and gut. We call it gut check. We pulled it out,” Thompson said.

With this win Bonita will have a bye week, where the team gets a week off before their next game, and move on to their first playoff game next Friday night at 6:00 p.m. at Southwestern College, November 19, 2015.
“So right now we are ranked the number one seed in Division three. Bonita Vista hasn’t won a playoff game [since] I’ve been going to school back in 2005. So it’s been a long time since we’ve won a playoff game, so this is really where the season starts,” Abuamer said.