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The tragedy of prince charming

By Kathy Tang



The 2015-16 halftime show of the homecoming game against Otay Ranch High School, was based on the fairy tale theme “Once Upon a Time”, and the dance showed three “candidates” who the Baron was to choose from, deeply representing the underlying messages of misogyny.

The performance was organized into four main groups: cheerleaders, Vocal Music Department Get to The Pointe (GTP), and the dance courses including physical education dance. After the Baron chose the second princess out of the three, the other princesses pretended to weep on the side of the field as part of their choreography. On the side of the field, was where the true issue was at.

The aspect of the story where the Baron got to “choose” his princess is immoral because it objectifies females as options to choose from, making women seem weak and insufficient if they do not meet a male standard. Even in the halftime show, there is no explanation as to why the second princess is chosen, just that they fell in love.

This gives the overwhelming impression that women are dependent on impressing males so that they can be chosen. Women are not things to be chosen or prizes to win. By making this the idealized fairy tale, it internalizes the common idea that women are to wait to be chosen by a man like items in a supermarket.

In addition, these ideas imply that relationships need a dominating significant other because one holds the power of choosing if the other is worthy or not. In a relationship, both parties should be equal and codependent.

It is 2015. The homecoming halftime show was an excellent dance put on by student performers, but it is expected that the tale would be more progressive. The social implications of continuing this cookie cutter story is that it romanticizes the idea of being chosen by a male for the sole reason of fitting that person’s standards.

Through making the princesses a choice to the Baron, the halftime show unintentionally supported concepts that degrade women into objects to be subjected to male standards. As a society, we all need to recognize that it is mandatory to move away from these types of stories because young girls need to know from the beginning that males are not the source of their “happily ever after” but that their independence is what makes their aspirations come to life.


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  1. Carolina Rubio

    Kathy Tang the young feminist slays once again

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