By Sarah Berjan



Originating on Whitney Way Thore’s twitter account (@WhitneyWay), who is a feminist, a dancer, and the star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” on The Learning Channel (TLC), #NoBs, or #nobodyshame, was created; creating a wave of positivity throughout social media.

This tag is a positive effort to eliminate an issue many suffer from:  negative self- image. Its efforts have encouraged individuals suffering from self and body image issues to learn how to become more accepting of themselves and to eventually love who they are as a form of recovery.

During her adolescence, Thore experienced a dramatic weight gain, which led to her  development of bulimia and depression. Over the years, she climbed out of the grips of depression and the burdens of her eating disorder; allowing her to begin an online campaign to encourage people like her to eliminate their body image issues. The #nobodyshame campaign began  in February  2014, but it progressively gained popularity early November as the subject of creating positive body image rose.   

#NoBs has not only caught the attention of people suffering from their insecurities, but it has also attracted those who are dealing with internal conflicts such as discovering one’s sexuality or finding one’s identity. Thore acknowledged her international supporters that are of all ages, who reach out to her via social media, in her YouTube video from March 20, 2014, “Fat Dancer: Campaigning for Body Image”. The main purpose of this video was to tell the story behind #NoBS by revealing her past, and to explain how #NoBS could motivate and essentially help people with their recovery process.

Supporters of the #NoBS campaign do not solely consist of people seeking to improve themselves. People who support this movement provide moral support and courage for those in need. The support gained from users creates a sense of community and inspires more people to become aware of the importance of a positive body image. Advocates of the movement post selfies with the tag #NoBS in order to encourage themselves or others to gain self-confidence.

For some people, this campaign is an opportunity to express their problems to someone, without fear of judgement. #NoBS motivates individuals to improve themselves in some form, as evident by the responses of individuals on social media websites. Because of this movement, many people were able to overcome their insecurities or internal conflicts and were introduced to the road of recovery.

Some may argue that #NoBs is an excuse for individuals to receive excessive positive attention from others, but isn’t that the point? People post and support this movement to gain positive attention as a reminder that there are positive qualities in everyone and in themselves.