by Elizabeth Jantz



As gender equality issues remain prevalent  within today’s society, the Sweetwater Union High School district decided to take action by creating a commercial promoting women’s athletics. The commercial will feature Bonita Vista’s very own Brittany Voyce, by portraying her as a role model to girls.

“Instead of only impacting girls and boys from my school, I get to impact more girls and boys from other schools. I want people to believe in themselves. I believe that doing this commercial gives inspiration to others,” B. Voyce said.

Six females, mainly consisting of students, from the district were chosen to be featured in the commercial. With two from each school, the commercial required a girl who has made a difference to others in athletics.

“The commercial will give a demonstration from different sports to show people that girls can play harder than expected,” B. Voyce said.

Jason Murphy, the athletics director and Physical Education teacher for Bonita Vista, was the one who was initially emailed about recommending two females from the school for the commercial, Voyce and Coach Marlene DeArmas.

“The district notified me about any female athletes I would recommend to do a commercial. [Brittany Voyce] She’s not your ordinary female athlete. She plays football, and she is also a great person,” Murphy said.

The main reason she is in the commercial is because she has been playing for the school’s JV and Varsity football teams. Being in the commercial is an opportunity that could allow her to further her future with football, as well as make a difference in the way she will continue to impact young teenagers.

“[It’s] not just my future, it is other girls futures too. I’m not joining football only because I love the sport, I joined because I wanted to show girls it’s okay to break the social norm, to step outside of their comfort zones, [to] do what you want to do and not let anyone stop you,” B. Voyce said.

Her mother, Kitty Voyce, is her main supporter in her football career because of her views on gender equality. When the opportunity to be in the commercial came up, there was no hesitation in deciding whether or not she should be in it.

“I am very proud of her doing the commercial.  I know she wants to be an inspiration for other girls to do anything they want in life and not be held back,” K. Voyce said.

Voyce’s commercial has the ability to impact others in the community and has the potential to create a pathway for her football career.
“[The commercial is about] equality for women. It’s trying to show girls that [they] can play sports at the same level as boys. Maybe even better,” B. Voyce said.