Quarterback Anthony Posada prepares to throw a touchdown pass that would further widen the score against Mission Bay. Winning the game made Bonita CIF champs, a first in school history. PHOTOGRAPH BY TERESA CEVALLOS

by David Ochoa



For the first time, the Bonita Vista Barons won the CIF championship game playing against Mission Bay on Dec. 5, 2015.

“During this week I thought our coach did a good job of preparing us for what was going to come today. I think we did a great job and all around had a really good game. We went through films, watched the other team, strategized to see what they would do and capitalized on their mistakes,” senior quarterback Anthony Posada said.

Scoring a touchdown in the first minute of the game, Mission Bay quickly took the lead. Bonita soon closed the gap by scoring a touchdown, but did not gain the extra point from the field goal, leaving the score at 7-6 with Mission Bay in the lead. After retrieving the ball, Bonita began a drive that scored another touchdown, putting Barons in the lead with a score of 7-12.

“It [was] just another touchdown in a big game. I was really excited and I didn’t really think much about the touchdown, I just thought of the win,” senior wide receiver Abraham Kinghorn said.

Following another successful drive by Mission Bay, the score increased to 14-12, putting Mission Bay back into the lead by the end of the first quarter.

“We expected the game to be close [since we were] the two best competitors in the division,” Kinghorn said.

In the second quarter, a pass from Posada to senior reciever Quentin Harrison gave Bonita the lead once again, bringing the score to 18-14. Towards the end of the second quarter, Bonita scored another touchdown, widening the gap to 14-25.

“They scrambled around and got the ball out and it really made for some good improvised plays. It’s not how you draw it out but it worked out for us,” head coach Chris Thompson said.

Going into the third quarter, Bonita received the ball and within a few minutes senior safety Atoa Fox scored another touchdown, further securing Bonita’s lead at 14-31. In a pass attempt by Mission Bay, Bonita’s defense intercepted the ball and scored another touchdown, 14-38, Bonita.

“I was going into this game thinking that [Mission Bay] had some really good skill players. They had won their first 8 games this season, lost their last two, went to the playoffs, and won two more, but we got some turnovers and it worked out for us, ” Thompson said.

Bonita scored three additional touchdowns, securing their lead for the remainder of the game at 14-52. In the 4th quarter neither team scored, giving Bonita Vista their first CIF championship win.

“For eight years we were Buccaneers, [of peewee football]. It wasn’t until like two to five years ago that we told ourselves that we were going to be CIF champs. Stepping on that field and realizing that this was the day that we would have that chance to become CIF champs is an awesome feeling. It is something that you love and live for,” Kinghorn said.