by Sharlett Ramos



Bonita Vista girls’ varsity soccer team played against San Pasqual on Dec. 18,  at Granite Hills High School. The game resulted in a 0-0 tie, with no goals converted by either team.

“It was unfortunate that the game ended scoreless, but that is what happens with the game of soccer. The better team doesn’t always get the best outcome,” varsity Team Captain senior Amanda Castillo said.

There were several attempts from both teams to score a goal, however, the defense from both sides prevailed and did not allow any of the players to score. From the Barons defensive side, goalkeeper freshman Alyssa Tucker saved several balls from hitting the back of the net and therefore kept the score even.

“Our defenders did a great job preventing the other team from creating any type of threat. Our goalie, Alyssa, had a couple of good saves as well, but we did not win because we did not convert the chances we had. We had a couple of good shots on goal, but they either hit the post or the opposing goalie made the saves. But we are definitely on the right track,” assistant varsity girls’ soccer Coach Erick De La Rocha said.

Since the defence from both teams were able to block all shots at goal, the offensive side attempted to gain the upper hand. None of the shots were able to make it past the San Pasqual goalkeeper senior Nataly Chavez.

“If our offense would have switched the point of attack more frequently, then we would have had more two versus one or one versus one on one side, which would have put us in better positions to score. That is something we are now working on. Once we get that established in our game, then we will be scoring more,” De La Rocha said.

The offensive side had trouble breaking past San Pasqual defense. Throughout the game, there were a few conflicts from the opposing team, especially from the defensive players. Several tactics that would not be considered fair plays were executed by the opposing team, raising the pressure for both the Bonita girls and the coaching staff.

“Well that’s part of the game, the dirty tackles and what not. But we try as coaching staff to keep the girls focused on the target, which would be to play possession soccer and score goals to eventually win the game. Also to not dwell on those little things that may affect some players and even teams,” assistant varsity girls’ soccer Coach Cameron Roget said.

Overlooking the difficult plays of San Pasqual, the team’s performance improved since their first game played on Dec. 5 against Granite Hills High School.

“The team is coming together. Today’s performance was an improvement from the first game. We controlled the game, dominated possession and outshot the opponent. We are getting closer to being able to convert our chances. There’s [an] overall progression. The team is working hard and will continue to work until those balls are hitting the back of the net,” De La Rocha said.

Despite the lack of goals, the team still continues to make progress.

“I thought today’s game was a positive step for the team. Even though we didn’t win, we still dominated the whole game, and we played as a team better than our first game. Our team is making progress. We just need to have confidence and finish our opportunities in front of the goal,” Castillo said.

The Barons expect to continue playing in a possession soccer style in order to win more games. Their tactics can be seen again on Jan. 11 at Rancho Bernardo High School.

“I expect improvement from the last game. I would like to have another solid defensive effort from the girls, and offensively to finish our chances and come out with a win. Lastly, for the girls to have fun representing their school. Go Barons!” Roget said.