By, Ruben Huerta

Senior Jennifer Ballez

Senior Jennifer Ballez

Friday evening at Mater Dei High School, Bonita Vistas girls soccer team faced the San Marcos knights in the first round of playoffs with devastating weather to cause the game to become delayed to the time of 5:15 pm. Now usually weather plays little effect in the Barons playing style, but in this game it played a crucial role for both teams decision in their defensive style for the defenders and goalies in this particular game.

“Let’s go Bonita !” Proud supporting statements of numerous Baron fans, as soon as the game had started.

After numerous offensive and defensive battles between both the Knights and Barons, you could tell that this game would not be an easy one for either team to become victorious in this set up. This didn’t stop the Barons from vigorously pushing for an offensive drive against the solid defense of San Marcos.

“Go Jennifer, go!!!” Barons fans shouted out, once she received a lead pass from #3 Aleena Cruz to create a break away from her defender to cause a glimmering hope for the Barons to score and change the momentum of the game. This moment was halted when the Knights defense quickly jumped back into recuperation, and swarming Ballez causing a one on three battle, that led to non-scoreable effort by the Barons. Moments later Barons stole the ball and drove down the field for an offensive attack yet again, but was stopped once a foul was initiated by the knights causing a free kick. As the ball was kicked it was patted away by the goalie but was still in play, and #11 Nikki Miranda attempting for a follow up shot, but was yet again stopped by the Knights goalie.

Ending the Half at a stail mate between the Barons and Knights at 0-0, both of the fans were in uplifting spirits and saying “Good job girls, keep it up.”

As the Second half begins, the Knights start off with the ball but there was an immediate switch of the weather that was calm to become drizzling caused the Barons to steal the ball and immediately cause an offensive drive that almost led to a score, but came to no reward.

When the game started to reach its midst both teams were repeatedly stricking back and forth, hoping for that needed score. At one moment the knights so nearly took the lead by shooting the ball in Baron territory and hitting the top center crossbar, which sparked a slight silence among the Baron fans.

As hope was seeming to fade away, #8 Pascale Dumesnil broke away from the knights right and center defender to have a clear pathway to have a one on one shot against the goalie, but this effort was denied when the Knights goalie slowly progressed away from her goal towards Dumesnil to dive towards the ball and stop the Barons from scoring.

When the game was beginning to reach it’s last minutes, #9 Natalya Romaine scored the Barons first goal on the 78:00 minute of the game, causing a huge domino effect of not only Baron fans, but players on the to go bezerk and scream for the young freshman who just saved the them from going into overtime. The seconds left in the game began to trickle away, and once the referee blew his whistle, the game was over with a victorious Baron win of 1-0. To lead them on to their next upcoming game against #2 ranked Scripps Ranch on March 4 at 5pm in the semi-finals of Division I playoffs in San Diego.

After the hard fought game, I had a moment to speak with young Romaine, and ask her what was going on in her head after she made the crucial shot? ” Adrenaline, pure adrenaline” stated the gifted forward for Bonita.