by David Ochoa



For the last four years, senior Josh Miller continues to be a member of the Bonita Vista boys lacrosse team. Starting on the junior varsity team his freshman year and then playing on the varsity team for the last three, Miller was chosen to be one of the two lacrosse teams co-captains this season by his teammates.

Josh is very charismatic. Hes a natural leader, and he always looks at the positives, which is really good, defensive player and co-captain Santiago Dearamas said.

Miller played baseball and soccer before joining Bonitas lacrosse team, but wanted to join a sport that was different. He was drawn to lacrosse through its Native American origins and the way in which it is played.

[Lacrosse] is a very fast-paced game. Its the most physical activity you can get into in a sport because it’s constant running while you’re playing you think very fast, there is no time to hesitate, it’s quick fire, rapid action, that kind of sport. I would say the bond between lacrosse players is greater than other sports teams because the community is so small. The terminology used, just in conversations with your teammates, is super specific to lacrosse so I feel like it creates more of a tight knit group among teammates then say baseball or something, Miller said.

As a co-captain, Miller tries to make every member of the lacrosse team feel welcome. During team bonding, Miller gets to know each of the new members of the team as well as strengthen bonds of returning teammates.

We do team dinners and I typically sit around the new guys, where as the captains hang out with the returners. I will try to get to know them more personally to see their strong suits on the field and off the field. If I know their characters better, I can kind of predict how theyre going to play in the game as well as how they are going to fit into the team. I want to be like a link if they feel like there is something missing between them and the team, Miller said.

According to head coach Sam Cardenas, Millers attempts to reach out to the newer members of the team makes him stand out to other members of the team.

I picked Josh because he’s a senior and they look up to him as much as hes able to direct them. He can tell them to do [something] and they will do it. I think of him as one of the leaders, guys will listen to him, guys will follow him. Hes not a tremendous threat with the ball, but he does all the other little things, the hard things, Cardenas said.

As a member of the boys lacrosse team and off-season lacrosse training clubs, Millers skills improved greatly since he first joined the team.

His technical abilities: catching and throwing, and all the basics, theyve improved every year. The hard balling, he does a lot of stuff well, Cardenas said.

Despite Millers strong passion for lacrosse, he will not continue playing the sport beyond his senior year of high school.

I am not continuing it in college because I want to focus on my studies, but during school it’s my second priority. It’s like right after school I get home, get homework out of the way, get ready for practice. It’s like my passion, Miller said. I plan on being an engineering major and Im going to a school that doesnt offer a [lacrosse] program. If there was an intramural program, I would play in that.

Cardenas has high hopes for the team this season and is confident in Joshs ability to lead the team throughout the season.

He is going to lead them to the playoffs and well see where we go. Hopefully we get deep in the playoffs this year.I feel good for him, I feel good for the team, Cardenas said.