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Athlete of the Month

Baron Athlete of the Month: “Curl”


BY Ruben Huerta

Dominating the court, and holding the one of the highest female points per game (an average of 19 as well as rebounds of 11) in San Diego. Sophomore Carol Schroeder stands tall, not only as a team leader but as a widely known basketball player in the county, with her pure athletic talent not only on the field, but also off the field.

“We’re like a sisterhood,” Schroeder said of her Basketball team.

The compassion of young Schroeder spreads towards her fellow teammates as well as the coach, as the year comes to a close for the girls basketball season.

“She is what we call a ball player,” BVH Coach Wooten said. Schroeder is progressing towards a scholarship for a Division I school based on her athletic ability and leadership skills in her basketball team. “She will be hopefully the fourth student from Bonita to progress onto a Division I school,” Coach Wooten said. The talent that she provides is highly noticeable from both ends of the court.

Not only is Schroeder an excellent ball player, but she has also maintained an overall 3.6 GPA in her two years in high school. She hopes to become an AP scholar on campus and progress onto a four year college in order to achieve the full college experience. Also, Schroeder is not only an outstanding athlete, but also an outstanding Track and Field athlete, who went to state championship in 2013 for the women’s 4×400 relay race and obtained an astonishing time of 3:57.94, as only a freshman.

“I’m happy because we have her for two more years.” Coach Wooten said.

Many can say that she is a great athlete, but for a coach to be as anticipated to see Schroeder grow, shows how she plays a key role for the team. For the years to come however, she will hopefully set a new standard for the upcoming players that wish to play on the team.

“We’re definitely the underdogs in our league, but what keeps us going is laughter.” Schroeder said,

The colleges of UC Davis, USD, Point Loma Nazarene, New Mexico, University of Nebraska are the colleges that Schroeder desires to play at, and with her talent and pure athleticism, it is highly probable that she will achieve these goals.

“ Trust and prayer, honestly gets you everywhere.” Schroeder said, to signify how they might not be the best in the league but if you are committed towards success, it will be achieved in the long run, and for this particular athlete, it is highly probable.

“She’s definitely the best player, she’s like a rock.”  Teammate Marian-Joy Baluyot said.


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