By Hadel-Lynn Leyco



Helmet on, mouthguard in place, she then turns the lacrosse head slightly while passing the ball to a fellow teammate for drills. For the past two years, sophomore Kylie Olsen has been on the girls varsity lacrosse team. During these two years, she developed skills that allow her to currently play as goalie, attack and defense, which is fairly uncommon.

“At practice, she is willing to take on any position we tell her to. She’ll go in as a goalie if we say so, she’ll play attack willingly. What really shocks me is that she’s able to do all of these positions well. She’s not bad at any position. If you put her in anything, she’ll do anything you’ll want her to do.” junior co-captain and midfielder Meaganh Cabuco said.

After the field hockey season ended, several of Olsen’s friends convinced her to try out for the varsity lacrosse team during her freshman year. Olsen’s love for lacrosse has only grown, after she joined several lacrosse club teams, such as Black Widow and Sting. Her desire to become a goalie made her stand out to Coach Luna, since there was already a goalie in place at the time.

“She wanted to play goalie for lacrosse, so that was the biggest thing that stood out about her because hardly anyone wants to be goalie. When [she tried out] and made varsity, she was very good at it, even in her freshman year,” girls lacrosse coach Ernesto Luna said.

Luna believes that her experience from club teams allows her to improve on her skills and make her become more knowledgeable in different positions. This is shown during games where she is positioned on a field based on the team’s needs, whether it be as a goalie or as another position.

“I like lacrosse because I like the team atmosphere [and] having a team backing me up, really helps me with my love for it. Every day I come to practice and am happy about it, because I love the sport. Being able to play with people that love it [too] is really great,” Olsen said.

According to Luna, her ability to play several positions benefits the team by allowing her to have a vision of the field during a game through multiple perspectives. In addition, he believes this experience helps form high expectations for Olsen because of her knowledge on different tactics.

“I was really happy that I was able to play [in] all [of] these different positions because it allowed me to gain more experience. It’s just a whole different perspective, I look on the game of lacrosse just being able to play whenever I can is really interesting,” Olsen said.

In the future, Luna expects Olsen to be a captain due to her strong leadership and compassion for helping her fellow teammates. As for now, it is expected that Olsen’s skills as an athlete will only improve due to her experience and understanding of multiple positions.

“She just opens her eyes and watches everything to make sure she’s taking everything in. She is a leader out there. For her, it was like a switch turned on whenever she went out there,” Luna said.

Olsen plans on continuing to play lacrosse throughout all of high school and at a Division One or Division Two college. With an overall 40 saves and 7.9 goals against average, Olsen hopes that she can give everything she has on the field.

“It’s a common saying to leave it all on the field and I have to take that into [each] game. I shouldn’t be worrying about anything else but the game. [I] worry about what I need to do in order to win [and] I can’t let anything change my mentality,” Olsen said.