By Sarah Berjan



Renovations are being planned at Bonita Vista High School (BVHS) for the 2016-2017 school year. Parent donations and aid from the San Diego Tennis Association were given to BVHS to support the construction of new tennis courts during the summer of 2016. In addition, The Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) approved $4.7 million for the construction of a new multipurpose field .

“The tennis team has been talking about new tennis courts for a long time. Previous tennis coaches have spoken to us about tennis courts but it did was not officially planned until parents stepped up and decided to get the job done,” tennis and track coach Joe Sheffield said.

The conditions of BVHS’ sporting facilities gained parental attention, leading to parental donations to support the construction of a new tennis courts and a new multipurpose field. Information of these parental donations are classified by request.

“I believe that [the parental attention] sprouted from our sophomores and freshmen having to walk to Southwestern college for a home match. I am not sure, but I also believe that we are the only school in our district, maybe in all of San Diego, that does not play tennis games on home courts. We always go somewhere else to play,” Sheffield said.

As for the construction of a new multipurpose field, details have yet to be discussed between the SUHSD and BVHS administrative representatives. The plan will undergo a process called ‘bidding-out’ at these early stages, allowing the school and the district to negotiate different plans with contractors or potential donors.

“The plans have been newly approved by the district but we have to bid-it-out. With that being said, we have to give everyone in the community a chance to vote on the project so we can go through with the project. This will allow us to go through the right process. It will be advertised for weeks [and] a job walk and informational meetings will be held with the staff while the plan is in the process of being bidded out. Whoever makes the lowest bid will get the job,” SUHSD’s Facilities Specialist Allie Serrano said.

By ‘bidding out,’ SUHSD undergoes a series of meetings which advances the planning for these renovations. Although the construction of the new tennis courts are not being funded by the SUHSD, it will be used as a tool for future generations of BVHS barons to utilize.

“Hopefully we will be able to build a field with the 4.7 million dollars. It depends on who we hire as a contractor. Since the district has to bid-out to different contractors, hopefully we will be able to get the lowest bid with all that we want from that contracting company,” Principal Bettina Batista said.

A meeting held on April 4 included the construction department and the business services department of the district board in order to proceed with the planning. The district is currently in the process of gathering money from contingencies in order to officially begin construction. Until further notice, a direct contact will be established between Batista and the SUHSD to further develop the multipurpose field.

“We are going to have meetings as the process unfolds to make sure everything is going smoothly along with being in direct contact with the district,” Batista said, “ I believe that the bids will start on June so there is a timeline from the beginning of the bidding process to the end of construction, which should approximately take place on April to June of 2017.”