Despite a strong start to the match Bonita took its fourth loss this season for boys tennis. Bonita won the next two matches against Mater Dei. PHOTO BY KIRA AMMERMAN

Despite a strong start to the match Bonita took its fourth loss this season for boys tennis. Bonita won the next two matches against Mater Dei. PHOTO BY KIRA AMMERMAN

By Teresa Cevallos



Bonita Vista High School’s boys varsity tennis team lost 6-12 against Olympian High School on April 21. This is the second loss against Olympian High School this season for Bonita Vista’s varsity boys tennis team, leaving the team with a 4-4 league record.

“I felt like my opponents were very strong in all aspects of tennis. I thought that they were good and they outplayed us,” number two doubles sophomore Jonathan Tacher said.

Junior co-captain Joshua Jugar and sophomore Nozomu Tateishi started off the match together playing as number three doubles against Olympian’s number three doubles team. Since Jugar is normally a singles player, he found it challenging to go towards the net for volleys and overheads. Despite this, Jugar and Tateshi took the lead against their opponents with consistent serves and volleys that the other team could not return.

“The match was not intensive, but it was more like a warm-up match to get ready for the next one,” Jugar said.

Jugar and Tateishi won 6-0 and finished the match against Olympian, winning all three of their sets played with their two other final sets scores being 7-5 and 6-0, respectively.

“The [set] went excellent, very consistent, both players were coming to the net and they put pressure on the team. That’s why they were successful in [the first] set,” Barksdale said.

The team’s points came from the doubles teams who won six sets overall. In one of the final sets of the match, number two doubles team junior Kyle Mclellan and Tacher faced off against Olympian’s number one doubles team. During the match Mclellan and Tacher began two games ahead but fell behind due to hitting balls outside the lines and the net. They ultimately made a comeback after regaining focus thus winning the set 6-3.

“Our biggest challenge was making too many unforced errors, like shots that I should’ve made, but I missed,” Tacher said.  

Out of all three Bonita Vista’s singles players, seven of the nine singles sets played ended with losses 0-6. Senior co-captain Brandon Wong fell short in his number one singles match against the number two singles leaving the set a score of 3-6.

“Our skill level was similar, it was just that [my opponent] was more consistent and I just kept missing a lot of balls and that’s the reason why I lost so bad,” Wong said.

Wong and his opponent went through a series of rallies throughout the set, but Wong’s opponent finished the majority, winning the points. Wong lost points through the match due to double faults and his opponents consistency in serves and returns in the three final games won the set.

“It would always be like he would win one and I would win won, and then when he won two games in a row, I just lost hope there and it got out of control and he just keep winning,”  Wong said.

According to the Bonita Vista boys’ varsity tennis coach Keith Barksdale, the biggest challenge faced at the match were missing players which he believes setback the team and having substitutions would have made the match a lot easier. we performed a little bit better than the first time we played Olympian. I was proud of the team, they all fought hard all the way to the end,” Barksdale said.