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Roller hockey makes a comeback

By Shelby Moring

​Bonita Vista’s roller hockey team made its comeback this season. With a full team of 16 players, most newcomers, Barons played their best season in five years. Their standings are 11-2.

​“We’re hoping to keep winning so that we have a shot at a playoff birth.  We’ve really come together as a team,” Coach Keith Quigley said.

​Roller hockey is a combination sport of hockey and roller-skating. Barons were generally unaware of the school’s roller hockey team and few students joined. Castle Park High School is the only campus in the district with a roller hockey rink; all games are held there.

​Barons owe this year’s success to the influx of newcomers.

“This team has been giving it their all whenever we are on the rink,” senior Giancarlo Dongo said.

New members are dedicated to the team’s success.

​“They have a lot of potential to be great. They all work so hard,” junior Anderson said. Anderson is the team’s goalie and a returning member. ​

Star player and captain Jonathan O’Brien believes Anderson is one of the main reasons as to why the team has been so successful.

​“A big difference from last year is the fact that we have an amazing goalie. He is the foundation of our team,” senior O’Brien said.

​Senior and returning player Giancarlo Dongo is among one of the highlighted players this year.

“He simply plays as hard as he can whenever he’s out on the rink. He truly gives a 110%,” Quigley said.

The incredible teamwork and initiative displayed by Anderson, O’Brien, and Dongo made a big difference in the team’s statistics this year.

​Additionally, roller hockey teammates agree that their coach, Keith Quigley, played a major role in preparing them for the season.

​“He is all about hard work and commitment. He is a great coach, really dedicated,” O’Brien said.

​Quigley noted that the players’ positive attitudes in the rink have also contributed to the team’s success. Quigley worked especially hard this season to create a focused and fun environment.​

​“A lot of us are new to this sport, but he reminds us to push ourselves and do our very best,” newcomer Liza Blevins said.

The enthusiasm of the teammates reflects in their performances on the rink.

“I feel it’s really important for high school athletes to enjoy the sport they’re playing,” Coach Quigley said. “I can easily see they have fun out there on the rink.”


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  1. Christopher muller

    Nice to see Keith still coaching I was the goalie Chris muller in 2001-2002 when we went 17-3-3 and won 3-2 in overtime against Scripps ranch to win for then we went to match varsity cup

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