By Samuel Saenz



Four dance groups auditioned on Sept. 2 for the opportunity to perform at the Fall Sports Assembly on Sept. 11. Pressure ran through each group as the Associate Student Body (ASB) commissioners would be selecting only two groups to perform at the assembly.

“ASB’s main role in the auditions is to ensure that the team chosen for each and every assembly is a perfect fit”, senior ASB Vice President Ashley Navarro said.

Co-Ed, Music Machine, the Multicultural Dance Team and Get to the Pointe (GTP) have been preparing for three weeks due to the challenge of facing other dance groups to obtain a spot at the assembly. Senior and co-president of Co-ed Miggell Yacub expressed his confidence.

“[We are at a] seven on a scale of readiness since there is still a few things to perfect”, Yacub said.

The Fall Sports Assembly is an opportunity for school clubs, organizations and sport teams to obtain recognition early in the school year.

“I think [performing at the assembly] will give more recognition, its a sneak peek of whats to come”, Co-eds co-captain junior Peyton Toledo said.

Performing at the assembly will also give advantages to the groups since it allows them to expand and display their skills in front of the school.

“Groups that perform benefit from the opportunity of being in assemblies. They … get to showcase the many talents they possess and get the chance to recruit and interest different people who may share the same talents or maybe want the chance to learn and get better at something”, Navarro said.

The results of the try-outs will affect the goals that these groups might have by giving them an opportunity to gain exposure at the school. GTPs co-captain junior Daniela Garcia-Arce introduced one of the many goals for GTP this year.

“[Our goal is] for everyone to just improve and be more comfortable dancing with each other”, Garcia-Arce said.

With the goals of the groups in place, the teams have their attention directed towards who will be chosen to perform in the assembly.

“The fall assembly is one of our best assemblies. We get to introduce a few of the several sport teams who put in an enormous amount of work and time, representing Bonita [Vista] High School, to make the community proud. They embody several of the characteristics Bonita has, and get to show everyone that Bonita is the best”, Navarro said.