By Joyce Diez



Experiencing the start of the GTP dance team

Two weeks before Bonita Vista High School’s second home football game, dance teacher Christine Timmons prepared Get to the Point (GTP) dance team for their first performance on the Southwestern College field on Sept. 16.

“First, I edit the music so I know how much to choreograph because we can’t use the whole song. I will choreograph sections [to see] what I want it to look like. I try to use choreography that is appropriate for the level of the dancers. The audience is looking down so I try to make it very visual with big movements,” Timmons said.

After teaching and practicing choreography, Timmons gives corrections to the dancers. Timmons scheduled practices everyday the week of their first performance and after school once a week. GTP had less than three months to prepare for their first dance.

“Sometimes I don’t get inspired to choreograph. Long before the performance date, I have to be in the mood to choreograph and sometimes it doesn’t happen as early as I would like it too,” Timmons said.

GTP’s first performance got delayed because of choreography complications such as lack of ideas and absences of dancers who were crucial to the routine, according to Timmons. Students who were not present did not receive important information such as dance steps, time of practice and time of performance.

“When people are absent, I’m not able to either teach them choreography or put them in their formations,” Timmons said.

Even though complications affected the team, they were still able to perform at the next dated football halftime show. Timmons and dance co-captains senior Sofia Bartolome and junior Daniela Garcia-Arce look forward to improving in upcoming performances.

“Many of these girls were beginners, and really getting used to the idea of dance. Now they’ve improved so much, just so that they can bring up the dance team. It’s been really great on my part to see that everybody’s been working so hard,” Bartolome said.