RileySchultzBY Ruben Huerta

Riley Schultz was part of the Baron class of 2013, a class that began a legacy for the Bonita Vista High School golf team. “I made it to regionals 3 years in a row, and won league championships 2 years,“ Schultz said. He is confident that he has made progress in his golfing career in the months following his high school career.

“I had an opportunity to attend Coastal Carolina but I rejected the offer because I didn’t receive any offers from San Diego colleges,” Schultz said.

He rejected a sports scholarship offer to an NCAA Division I school. He defends his decision by citing his desire for an education in his home town of San Diego.

“I love living in SD; the weather is perfect. Plus my family is here, and I didn’t feel like leaving my coach.” Schultz said.

Though he may have rejected the offer and is not continuing an education at a collegiate level, Schultz still prospers in his semi-pro career. His desire for the game is all that is needed to fulfill a higher purpose in his own personal life.

“I’ve played behind pros,” Schultz said. His high school stats show that he is slowly but surely earning his way to the big time, holding the 2013 best scoring average in all of San Diego, as well as obtaining a handful of runner up finishes in his amateur tournaments during his final year of high school.

Schultz’s passion for the sport started at a young age, with his father.

“When I was younger he would take me with him and I would drive the carts and stuff, then later on I started playing.” Schultz said.

Starting to truly play the game at the age of 13, Schultz traveled to a few tournaments where his talent would begin to develop. “I would go with my dad and cousins to what was called the Buick Invitational but now called the Farmers Insurance Open,” Schultz said.

The Farmers Insurance Open consisted of dozens of pros in 2014 that ranged from America’s Scott Stallings to Korea’s K.J. Choi. That being said, California is a premier location to host the tournament, with talent coming in not only locally, but internationally as well, showing how Schultz has the capability to compete with talented players from all over the world.

“I’m not sponsored yet, but right now I’m making a name for myself,” Schultz said. His determination still continues onto his current golfing career, progressing onto a new tournament called the Coronado City Am, in which he placed 8th out of 46 contenders. Although he may not have won, he was only 5 strokes away from tying with the winner of the tournament.

From the age 13 onto the present, Schultz’s future looks highly favorable towards success. The legacy still continues from his high school life towards his dream of becoming a professional golfer in the PGA.