Senior running back and cornerback Robert Cota runs with the ball as his teammates block Olympian defense. Photo by Joyce Diez

Senior running back and quarterback Robert Cota runs with the ball as his teammates block Olympian defense. Photo by Joyce Diez

By Victoria Esquivel



Hundreds of spectators gathered on Friday, Oct 14 at Southwestern College to support Bonita Vista High School’s varsity football homecoming game against Olympian High School. Head coach Chris Thompson made the call to let the final seconds of the game run, ending the game 13-20 in favor of OHS.

“The team performed really well. There were a couple critical mistakes which we obviously could not capitalize and some that was a great team effort. It just did not come out to our advantage in the end,” BVH defensive back coach Evan Love said.

BVH kicked off the game to OHS. BVH defense created a three and out, where OHS offense was not able to pass ten yards in the four chances given. Two minutes into the quarter, senior quarterback Anthony Posada made a 14 yard pass to senior wide receiver Jacob Rozar for the first touchdown of the game. The remainder of the quarter consisted of many turnovers from both sides and ended 7-0 in favor of BVH.

“The team played well over all. Our defense did really well [and] our offense did [well], but we just need to reevaluate the way we are on offense,” senior running back and cornerback Robert Cota said.

At the start of the second quarter OHS held possession gaining yardage on BVH defensive line. OHS quarterback Andrew Whyte gave a 15 yard completed pass, giving OHS their first touchdown two minutes into the quarter, OHS kicker missed the field goal giving the score of 7-6. Posada’s pass was intercepted by OHS defense three minutes into the quarter. BVH gained possession as OHS defender was tackled in a fumble during the play. The second quarter ends with the score of 7-6, BVH leading.

“I played alright but I could have made more plays to help my team out. Our defense played a great game and our offense could have done better,” Posada said.

BVH started with the ball at the beginning of the third quarter. There was a fumble by BVH offense five minutes into the quarter landing OHS offense on the 10 yard line. OHS offense scored a 3 yard touchdown making the score 7-12. A two-point conversion play was made by OHS offense but it was not successful.

“I was expecting a tough game but I definitely thought that we were gonna win based off looking at film and knowing what our team can do,” Cota said.

BVH offense punted the ball back to OHS. A fumble occurred on OHS first ten yards giving BVH possession of the ball in the OHS eight yard line. Posada gave a five yard completed pass to Rozar scoring a touchdown. Sophomore, BVH kicker, Brooklyn Hawkins missed the field goal making the score 13-7 BVH.

“We did a lot better than we have the last couple of weeks unfortunately offensively we turned the ball over a lot,” Thompson said.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, BVH offense field goal was tipped by OHS defense. Isaiah Williams, OHS defense made a 98 yard run touchdown giving OHS a lead against BVH with the score 13-18. BVH coaches argued the call made by the referees because of the tipping of the ball when BVH went for the field goal. The original call was called roughing on the kicker, according to Love, and also a block in the back on one of the BVH players.

“I did see my teammate on the floor. I just assumed there was a block to the back, a low hit or something like that. I felt disappointed when they said it was a touchdown instead of calling it back, that was a big part of the game,” Cota said.

Referees stated there was not enough evidence to overturn the call given on the block granting OHS the touchdown. OHS offense went for the two point conversion making the score 13-20. The fourth quarter ended with the final score being 13-20 OHS.

“We had our spurts, our moments. I think overall we did good we just have to go back to the drawing board and prepare for the next week as we go down,” Love said.

According to Thompson, the team lacks consistency and hopes to improve within the coming week of training for their next game. BVH next league game will be against Mater Dei Friday, Oct 21 at SWC.

“It hurt us. It really hurt if we would have scored right there that would have put the pressure on them to have to come back and they had not been doing a good job moving the ball around all night and unfortunately it went their way,” Thompson said.