Photo by Kathleen Lindstrom

ROLLING FAST ROLLING SMOOTH: Senior Jonathn O’Brien skating around the rink ready to take on all opponents.

By Lea Gamboa

Senior Jonathan O’Brien, age 17, has played hockey since the age of seven. He is on Bonita Vista’s roller hockey team and plays ice hockey in the San Diego District Hockey League. Roller hockey is one of the sports he is best at and one of his favorites.

“Before high school, I was involved with playing with high schoolers. . . so when I got to high school I already knew my coach,” O’Brien said.

Jonathan played for the south district in SDDHL when he played ice hockey, which helped influence his decision to join the roller hockey team at Bonita Vista. In middle school he would participate in pickup games with highschoolers.

O’Brien led Bonita Vista’s varsity roller hockey team to reach its potential versus their rivals, Southwest and Eastlake. He speaks of this year’s season as the best of all seasons he has ever played. O’Brien is the backbone in the roller hockey team evident through 34 goals and one assist on his part.  Many of the roller hockey games are known to go back and forth, which makes it hard for any of the teams to score a goal.

“Our record is 10-3, and we haven’t had that many wins [in past seasons],” O’Brien said.

O’Brien is a  competitive player who does the best he can for his team. In previous seasons, he led his team to victory at the championships.

“Our school has one of the best teams next to Eastlake and Southwest,’ O’Brien said.

Teammates find O’Brien a great and passionate leader and the main support of the roller hockey team.

“He is a leader and he leads us into battle,” junior goalie, Hawk Anderson said.

Perhaps the one that knows him best is his coach, who has watched him progress and lead the team as one of the best players.

“I enjoy coaching Jonathan and the best team in years,” Coach Quigley said.