BVH homecoming 2016 halftime show required the collaboration of several clubs such as ASB and Get to the Pointe. The theme for this years homecoming was Night at the museum. Video by Daniel Powell


Joyce Diez



The sound of cameras clicking, the crowd cheering and the energy of the dancers filled the stadium at Southwestern College as multiple groups joined forces during the halftime show at Bonita Vista High School’s homecoming football game against Olympian High School.

The halftime show was held on Oct. 14, at the Southwestern College football field. IB Dance, cheer, Club Blue, Get To the Pointe, PE Dance, the Vocal Music Department, the Multicultural Dance club and ASB worked together to perform at the homecoming halftime show.

“It’s really great to get all the groups together, when we have over 250 people participating doing something positive. I really appreciate everybody’s effort to take the time to do something collaboratively,” dance teacher Christine Timmons said.

As one of the many collaborators, Timmons played a major role in the production of the halftime show. She organized, directed and monitored the practices in accordance to the theme, “A Night at the Museum,” by categorizing groups of performers as caveman, Huns, Egyptians, cowboys and animals.

“I came up with the theme. The ASB Visual and Performing Art commissioners [contributed] and edited the music. Some of them choreographed and some of them delegated choreography to other people,” Timmons said.

In order to organize the overall plan for the show Timmons assisted ASB with the theme, organizing and planning the show. Participants of this collaboration consisted of VAPA commissioners, art commissioners, ASB advisor Christopher Alvarez and ASB president Frank Rodriguez.

“Everything was well organized and I was very proud of how ASB put in 100 percent effort in everything we did and it really showed when the halftime show was performed. To me it was a big success,” Rodriguez said.

VAPA commissioner senior Laura Shimasaki aided Timmons with keeping performers in the correct positions and by playing her own part as a dancer in the show. In addition, ASB held meetings to discuss the mechanics, organization of the halftime show and the finale.

“I think it’s really awesome that we’re able to combine all these classes and dance groups, when most schools don’t really get the opportunity to do this [work together]. It’s kind of a once in awhile thing and it’s really great for seniors to watch and enjoy,” Shimasaki said.

Shimasaki and Timmons worked  together to improve complications in performance such as synchronization and formations. Each section of the show had their individual parts, but as a whole group, they had to co-operate to ensure that the show was ready to be performed.

“Just trying to keep everybody quiet and focused is challenging, but the whole process takes a lot of patience. We can’t work with everybody at the same time, all the time. While we’re figuring things out, it’s easy to get distracted [by] the performers, it’s normal,” Timmons said.

In order for the performance to be complete, paintings and drawings by the ASB art commissioners had to be present during halftime. Senior ASB art commissioner Toni Mack was one of the five art commissioners helping with the paintings and drawings for the halftime show.

“Even though it was really stressful and painful to do, and took up a lot of time, we’re just really glad that we’re able to do this. It’s something really unique that we do and that no other school does, so even though it was a lot of [effort] we’re proud to put out our best work and have everybody see what we’ve done,” Mack said.

During the collaboration of all the groups for the homecoming halftime show, Mack and the other four ASB art commissioners made props and painted the backdrop illustration. The organization of the whole collaboration enabled all of the participants to finish in a timely manner. Rodriguez’s main objective was to include as many people as he can.

“It’s very interesting at first because it makes you really curious about how things are going to play out and how it’s going to be possible to control such a great amount of people. It’s a really cool experience to see the final outcome and see how everyone came together to accomplish our goal, which was to create and perform an amazing halftime show,” Rodriguez said.