Timeout is called by Academic League advisor Jason Good halfway through the match. He asks the team about how they feel about their performance so far

Timeout is called by Academic League advisor Jason Good halfway through the match. He asks the team about how they felt about their performance so far. Photo by Cedric Vitug


By Cedric Vitug




The Bonita Vista High School Academic League’s last home match before playoffs was held on Oct. 27 against Eastlake High School. BVH’s varsity team won the match with the final score of 91-44.

“Eastlake is historically the difficult match for Bonita. Based on our performance, we can definitely win this,” Academic League advisor Jason Good said.

Prior to the match, the varsity team was first in the North Metro league, with only two losses outside of their division. Good also found that this match was more significant compared to previous ones this season.

“All the matches were equal, but now that we are here at the end, this is the last match. If we lose against Eastlake, they take first place. If we beat Eastlake, we’re in first,” Good said.

Despite Eastlake having a rivalry with BVH, some of BVH varsity team members are friends with members on Eastlake’s varsity team. This allowed them to gain insight into Eastlake’s weaknesses in subjects.

“Personally, I know the captain Daniel Kim and some of the other people on the team. I knew that they were very weak in history. I was confident that our captain Isaac Lira would be able to answer most of those,” varsity team member and senior Ellen Lee said.

The match began with BVH taking the lead from answering a toss-up question and three bonus questions correctly. BVH started off with a score of 14 points before Eastlake answered their first toss-up question. The varsity team also took notice of Eastlake’s strengths.

Before the match we knew that Eastlake has historically been dominant when it comes to science,” junior and co-captain Gilbert Neuner said.

Eastlake called for the first time-out as the score at the time was 41-18. Neuner noticed improvements that needed to be made in regards to the bonus questions.

“There are plenty of mistakes that we made that we absolutely must fix. First, we need to do a better job of communicating during bonuses. A lack of communication cost us a few points,” Neuner said.

The match continued on with several toss-up questions that any team can answer, bonus questions and pencil and paper questions, which involve mathematics.  Eastlake called most of the time-outs as BVH continued to take the lead.

“The best part of having a lead over Eastlake was relentlessly piling on to that lead to the point where it became insurmountable. It’s a great feeling to have the ball rolling. It certainly isn’t as exciting as close matches, but I think a blowout is the best thing before playoffs,” Neuner said.

The match concluded with BVH answering the final question, securing the victory for the varsity team. In preparation for their following match, they plan to go over certain topics to review along with their regular practices.

“We always do well to prepare for our matches. I think that really shows because we win a lot of our matches. It’s a really big confidence booster and it really motivates us to keep moving forward,” senior and co-captain Isaac Lira said.

The varsity team’s victory has advanced them to the finals, which will be held at BVH on Nov. 3 in the library. If they are able to secure another victory, they will advance to county.

“This victory was huge for several reasons. First, it was big because it guarantees us a first round bye in the playoffs. Secondly, it was very motivational because Eastlake is one of the top four schools in the league, so beating them really cemented our confidence going forward,” Neuner said.