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Teachers have the right to strike

Staff Editorial

Five months ago students found, for the first time, that they could no longer spend their lunch in their favorite teacher’s classrooms or spend time after school getting extra help from teachers. They have been watching teachers stand on corners of the street holding signs and protesting. This has all been an effect of the school district’s unfair actions towards teachers. Controversy has been surrounding the teachers and their protests since the issue started.meeting3

  Teacher’s rebuttals to the district’s actions have been viewed as unnecessary or extensive by some people. But everything teachers are doing are completely within reason. The district’s cuts have made some teacher’s health benefits profusely expensive, especially compared to what their contract stated before the changes were made. These changes especially affects teachers with families. Teachers salaries have never been the high, but now, teachers are expected to just accept that their already tight contracts are going to be ignored and abused. Not only do these changes affect the teachers, but also the students.

Complaints about the lack of teachers providing tutoring have been disproved through the effectiveness of ARC. Despite the fact that most teachers are not opening their classrooms for tutoring anymore, many students  can attend ARC in order to get the help they need on their schoolwork.

meeting4Teachers have been forced to take action against the district in order to make sure that they are heard.  Due to the district’s changes, teachers have started to attend board meetings at the district in order to voice their opinions. At every board meeting for the last five months, teachers have been there. Whether they were standing passively or voicing their opinions, the district never acknowledged the teachers or their problems. More than once have the district completely ignored the teachers and all who have spoken in the teacher’s favor.

Teachers have a right to protest towards the district considering that their contract is not being respected by the district. The district does not care about the what the teachers are saying unless parents also complain. Teacher’s protests are not the only problem that the district is dealing with.  Issues have even gotten to the point that a city councilwoman proposed to combine the Chula Vista Elementary School District and the Sweetwater High School District in order to try to resolve any issues because of the  the dissatisfaction that the district, teachers, parents and students have been having. This proposal became popular because of the satisfaction parents have with the elementary school district as opposed to the high school district.

If teachers did not do any protesting, the district would pay even less attention to the problems than they already have. Without drastic actions such as planning to strike or protesting, the district would just overlook the problem and ignore the teacher’s requests. Everybody knows that teachers teach for the love of teaching and not for the pay, but how are they supposed to keep teaching if their not getting the pay they signed up for?

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  1. Natalie Bagaporo

    While I do agree that teachers have the liberty to take action against such problems, but in doing so, there is a negative externality created. The students of the district are effected by this debate. Aside from tutoring and academic needs, clubs and groups have been placed on halt. This is detrimental to students, especially seniors, who place these clubs on their college applications. Upcoming officers and members also lack preparation to carry out club agendas for the years to come. This is the case with the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica. In addition, the International Baccaluareate Diploma candidates face a serious problem. With Internal Assessments fast approaching, as well as deadlines for submission, teacher refusal to administer these tests would jeopardize the candidates. As a concerned student, I hope to see this dispute resolved as quickly as possible.

  2. Karla Valeria Castoren

    Going off from what Natalie said, while I do agree that the district is being extremely unfair to the teachers and that drastic measures need to be taken to fix the problem of contract respect, as a student I am aware of the negative impact this would have on students. For teachers, each graduating class is just that a class, the next year will bring a new one. For students, we only get one chance at being a senior or junior etc.(generally speaking). If teachers strike, the consequences suffered by students would be enormous especially since we are nearing the end of the year which is normally the denser part as well as AP/IB testing and Internal assesments. A strike would solve a very important problem for teachers but would create endless more for students. Again, like Natalie said, I just hope this situation that has us all concerned is resolved before it creates any more problems.

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