BVH senior and quarterback Anthony Posada(4) makes a run with the football to go for the first down. BVH won the boot for the second year in a row. Photo by Joyce Diez

BVH senior and quarterback Anthony Posada(4) makes a run with the football to go for the first down. BVH won the boot for the second year in a row. Photo by Joyce Diez


By Victoria Esquivel



Bonita Vista High School students made their way down to the field with posters, big smiles and high spirits after the boys football varsity team won against rival school Eastlake on Nov. 4 at EHS. BVH won the boot, a trophy given to commemorate the winner among both rival teams. This is BVH’s second year in a row with the boot having the end result of 20-12.

“The kids are really excited, I’m happy for the school. We don’t plan on giving the boot up and we expect the boot to stay at Bonita for a long time,” assistant head coach Phillip Lomax said.

Five minutes into the first quarter EHS had two long runs, landing them nine yards from the goal line in which they scored a nine yard rushed touchdown giving them a lead of 0-6. The field goal (PAT) was missed. Eight minutes into the game, EHS fumbles the ball on their 45 yard line, giving ball possession to BVH.

“The thing we are doing now is when we have our mistakes we don’t hang our heads. Early in the season we would [that], which would just do us bad. We are starting to believe in each other and play together, which is key,” head coach Chris Thompson said.

Senior quarterback Anthony Posada went for a long pass which was incomplete. A flag was called on the play against EHS giving BVH offense a 15 yard gain. Posada gives the ball off to senior carrier Dean Klaser who made a 24 yard run landing six yards from the goal line. With two minutes remaining in the first quarter, Posada gave a pass to senior BVH wide receiver Keenan Ellis for a touchdown, making the score 6-6. Sophomore kicker Brooklyn Hawkins made the point after the touchdown, ending the first quarter with the score 7-6 in favor of BVH.

“We watched a film and saw what [Eastlake] was doing. We made a game plan for it and we executed it. We expect to win every week, that is the plan and we were able to pull it off tonight,” Klasser said.

Three minutes into the second quarter, Posada gave a 25 yard pass to BVH senior wide receiver Jacob Rozar who took on two EHS defenders before scoring a touchdown. The PAT was missed, making the score 13-6. With five minutes remaining before halftime, EHS fumbled the ball as they made their way to the goal line, causing a turnover to BVH offense. Posada gave a long pass to senior right back Josh Godfrey landing the Barons on the 39 yard line. A long pass by Posada to Ellis gives BVH another touchdown. Hawkins makes the PAT making the score 20-6. The remainder of the quarter consisted of many turnovers.

“It wasn’t very clean but, I’m glad we got the win. It feels good to beat Eastlake and win our last game of the season and string together two wins which we hadn’t been able to do all season,” Lomax said.

BVH started with the ball at the beginning of the third quarter. Two minutes into the quarter Posada gave a pass to Ellis landing them on 33 yard line. Posada gave a long pass to Klasser landing them at the 15 yard line. A turnover was given to EHS, the rest of the half consisted of many turnover from both high schools.

“I was a little nervous honestly it was my first game being on the field in a while. I just go out there and do my best,” junior cornerback Tahj Stuart said.

Within the first minute of the fourth quarter BVH offense fumbled the ball, although the ball was caught on the ground. Referees granted EHS possession of the ball but retracted their call. Posada gave a short pass to Stuart with a run of 45 yard gain on EHS 38 yard line. Four minutes into the quarter Stuart fumbles the ball giving away possession of the ball. EHS gain yardage with three long passes landing them on 11 yard line close to goal line. EHS made a six yard rush touchdown making the score 20-12. EHS missed PAT making the score 20-12 in favor of BVH.

“[Practicing], that part of football is easy, you work on the steps and on the punching. You work on the catching, the blocking and the kicking and then you have to go do all that under pressure,” Thompson said.

BVH offense let the remaining seconds run giving the team their last win of the season as they prepare to go into the California Interscholastic Federation playoffs the following week. BVH’s next game is Nov. 11 at West Hills against West Hills High School for the first round of CIF for division II.

“It is an expectation, it’s the neighborhood game and that’s two years in a row [that we win the boot]. It’s exciting not just for BVH football and the program but the school and the kids that graduated that are from Bonita. It’s a big bragging rights thing in the community. Just like I told the seniors this is forever, the boys can say that they won their last game against Eastlake,” Thompson said.