Senior Amos Montoya suplexes sophmore Daniel Reyes. The wrestling team held the demo to get more recruits for the upcoming season. Photo by Tristan Roach


By Samuel Saenz



Bonita Vista High School’s wrestling team held a demonstration in the quad during lunch on Nov. 2 to recruit students. The season starts on Nov. 14 and the team is focusing on gaining student interest to help the team grow.

“We are trying to get people to come into the wrestling room and join the team because last year the team did not have many wrestlers,” sophomore and wrestling team member CJ Jennen said.

The wrestling team held this demonstration to get publicity from people outside of the sport. According to the head wrestling coach Esteban Baez, wrestling is not acknowledged in many schools and there is many misconceptions about the sport because of lack of recognition.

“If you ask someone, ‘Hey you want to come wrestle?’ they will say, ‘what’s wrestling?’ They think what they watch on television and it’s nothing like that,” Baez said, “Wrestling is a precise and technical sport, it teaches a lot of discipline and hard work and it’s one of the hardest, if not the hardest sport out there as far as the conditioning we do. It’s really a great sport to be a part of.”

With stereotypes surrounding wrestling, such as the need to lose weight to participate, the sport is not appealing for individuals to join. However, students who are already participating are convinced that the sport can be life changing.

“Sometimes it may look dangerous, it might look difficult, but if you stick with it I guarantee it will change your life,” senior and varsity team member Amos Montoya said.

Wrestling has influenced most individuals that are currently on the team. According to senior and varsity team member Clarissa Serrano, wrestling has allowed her to stay in shape and make friends.

“[Wrestling] helped me stay more focused because when you wrestle it’s the hardest thing ever so when you are in the classroom, you realize you can get anything done,” Jennen said.

The wrestling team is composed of many experienced returners. Therefore the wrestling team plans to have a strong year in order to gain more recognition.

“Right now we are a really solid team, I can see us being at the top three [overall], the top three contenders at a couple of tournaments and possibly on the league because we still have all the other teams as far as Eastlake and Hilltop that have all the returning seniors and CIF champions but as soon as they leave we’ll be at the top,” Baez said.