Youtuber Patrick Minor is vlogging after school with a camera purchased by the money he made on Youtube. Patrick has been able to purchase other equipment such as tripods and a GoPro.

Youtuber Patrick Minor is vlogging after school with a camera purchased by the money he made on Youtube. Patrick has been able to purchase other equipment such as tripods and a GoPro.


By Abigail Sosa

YouTube star and social media sensation senior Patrick Minor, started off making videos with his best friend, San Diego City College freshman Matthew Miranda, one year ago, posting challenges, most notably “Flips for Kisses,” and other vlogs for entertainment purposes. Minor, having 75 thousand followers on Instagram and Miranda, with over 26 thousand, decided to combine their followings and create a YouTube channel which is now known as ‘Patrick & Matthew.’

“December of last year is when we started doing YouTube. We first started out doing challenges and as [time] progressed, we started doing vlogs and such, I would have to say seeing other people, fellow friends of ours doing YouTube daily vlogs was inspiring,” senior Patrick Minor said.

Minor and Miranda’s friendship began when meeting at a skate park and sharing the same liking for scooter riding.

“We would just hang out at the skate park. The whole first year of our friendship it was just scooter riding, it was nothing else like YouTube or anything,” Miranda said.

Minor and Miranda were first recognized on social media when a scooter company in Chula Vista, @ChulaVistaScooters, offered to sponsor them. This is where both friends got most of their followings from and they have continued to grow from there by using applications such as, Shimmur, Instagram and YouTube.

“I was already posting YouTube videos, but it was just my GoPro edits, just little things to see what would happen. I never really knew about money or anything. We were sitting in [Minor’s] room, and we did this banana and Sprite challenge and from that day [forth] we realized [we could] make money,” Matthew Miranda said.

Even with a hectic schedule between school, taekwondo three days a week, and filming videos in between, Minor manages to post regularly on social media and finds time to interact with his fan base. With Miranda in college, it is also difficult for the two to coincide their schedules to have time to film.

“I have classes during the week, and it’s different from [Minor,] he usually can’t hang out during the week because he has to focus on school so Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we try to put to good use, or definitely [school] breaks,” Miranda said.

Minor already has 75 thousand followers and his fan base continues to grow. Many of the people at school are aware of Minor’s videos and are subscribed to his channel. Minor gets recognized in public places such as the mall, the movies, the beach, and places he has traveled to before.

“It’s weird because I will be at the mall with him and people will come up to us and ask for a picture so it’s strange,” Minor’s friend, senior Beck Russell said.

There are some difficulties that come with being on social media. Minor stated that filming and uploading videos itself can get difficult considering his busy schedule. In addition, both Minor and Miranda have stumbled upon hate on social media.

“I don’t really let it get to me because there are always going to be the haters. I almost feel like it’s jealousy because a lot of the things that we do, you can’t really hate because we aren’t doing anything bad. So if they want to comment something it’s alright,” Minor said.

Despite these setbacks, Minor received his own income and now purchases his own equipment such as an additional camera, tripods and microphones. This has been made possible through his posts on YouTube.

“[Money is made] by views so every 1,000 views is roughly $1.10 [of income]. If videos are longer than 10 minutes it allows you to put more ads which generates more revenue. It just depends how long the videos are,” Minor said.

As beginners on YouTube, Minor and Miranda have many plans they would like to accomplish that would extend their fan base. This includes publicizing themselves through other social media outlets and creating interesting content for videos.

“I want to go to Vidcon and Playlist—a lot of apps that we are associated with, like and Shimmer, offer us deals and we go places and do things. [My] goal is to be sponsored,” Miranda said.

As Minor’s career on Youtube continues, he hopes to grow and hopefully make a career out of this someday. Additionally, if the Minor and Miranda fan base gets larger, Minor would like to start posting more on his own YouTube channel, Patrick Minor.

“For now Youtube is a hobby that happens to work out for me. I plan to get bigger and grow my channel,” Minor said. “I would consider myself an entertainer, I like to make people smile. I would like to think [that] I could do Youtube full time because that’s what I love doing.”