By Simon Vaillancourt

The Bonita Vista High School varsity boys’ basketball team opened their season at home against the Chula Vista High School Spartans on Monday, Nov. 28, winning with a score of 69-49.

“This is the start of the new season. Everyone we play is going to give us their best effort because we got that target. We don’t care about last year’s championship, you let them chase something they’ll never get,” head coach Don Dumas said.

Despite winning by 20 points, the Barons struggled defensively in the first half, leading to numerous fouls called on them.

“It was abnormal for us to play such poor defense early and be called for so many fouls, but that isn’t the referees fault, that is just us being undisciplined. There were some abnormalitiesover 20 fouls were called in the first half,” Dumas said.

Throughout the game, the Spartans managed to hold the lead once early in the first quarter, scoring nine unanswered points. Their five-nine lead was quickly diminished, however, by senior Jack Sanchez, who scored eight points in less than two minutes. The quarter ended with the Barons up 17-11.

“Dumas always focuses key points, and one of them is passing the ball. Playing for the team opens up for opportunities. You give that extra pass, and that extra pass will come to you more,” Sanchez said.

The Barons expanded their lead in the second quarter with a score of 31-18 going into halftime. During this time, Dumas spoke to the team about their playing style and how to get back on track for the second half.

“We just settled down. It’s the first game, they were nervous. They wanted to do well, but we didn’t change the game plan at all. They just changed their mind set and calmed down,” Dumas said.

The third quarter began with a layup by captain senior Sage Crawford, who had the game high of 24 points. Crawford also managed to sneak in a dunk towards the end of the quarter, followed by cheers from the crowd. The quarter ended 54-33 for the Barons.

“Second half, we played better defensively. Most of our points were off of steals, which led to a lot of fast breaks and free-throws. We played how we were supposed to and how coach expected us to,” Crawford said.

The game ended 69-49 for the Barons, who are already prepping for their next games.

“It feels good to come off a win, but we’re going to face a lot of hard teams so we need to prepare more. It is always good to get a win and keep going,” Sanchez said.

Throughout the game, Dumas attempted to motivate his players to work their hardest, and is proud of the outcome. The team plays again at home against Otay Ranch on Jan. 4.

“This is our home court, blood sweat and tears have been shed on that court. We did not come in here tonight to let some team come in and out work us,” Dumas said. “We are first on the floor and first off the floor, sprinting both ways. That’s Baron basketball and this is our house.”