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Opinion, Yes and No

Is taking a gap year a good idea?

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SebastianM.HeadshotNo: Do Not Put Life on Pause

By Sebastian Mason

You have thrown your cap in the air, you have hugged your friends and family, you have gone to the graduation party, and now you are going to bed. But what [will happen] when you wake up? [And the days after that?] Some people have jobs lined up, and for some college is the next step, but even still within the group of students who are going to a university some wish to take a year off and delay college. This year off is widely known as a “gap year” and it is an established tradition among many European countries, yet has only now gained traction among American youth.
As the “gap year” has become popular amongst American high schoolers, a recurring question is asked, “Should I take a gap year?”

In short, no; sure, there are some cases where a student has an internship lined up where they would be building fire stations in Peru. If that is you then by all means take a year off of school and go fight Peruvian fires but if not then a gap year is a senseless thing to do. It is not the concept that is the problem, sure taking a year off school sounds great when you just gave twelve years of your life to it, but what are you going to do during your gap?

Maybe you want to travel Europe, but take a look as to why you want to go. Sure it sounds exciting to go clubbing around France but that should not be the focus of your gap (plus, have you seen “Taken”? That happened in Europe and I doubt your dad is Liam Neeson). Also, you can do all the partying you want in college (that is the whole point of going). If Europe is not your thing maybe the thought of not being with your parents scares you, and you cannot bear the idea of not having your mom to wash your clothes and make your lunch. If that is the case, then just grow up, you cannot run from the future forever and after a certain point in your life it starts to get sad. But now that your attention has been sufficiently grabbed, it is time to use the real arguments.

If you do not get into your first choice of school, although it can feel like the end of the world, it is not and it is definitely not a reason to waste a year of your life. It is important to remember that when the university makes a decision, in most cases, it is final and there is no point in dwelling on it. You have to pick yourself up by the bootstraps, look at the other schools you got accepted to and just look to future.
What it all boils down to is that a gap year is just a year of wasting your parents’ money whether you are traveling or just laying around the house watching T.V.

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  1. Thelmalyn Montenegro

    As a future college student, I believe it does not make much sense for students to take a gap year right after high school. Unless they need time off to work and support themselves, they are really just wasting a year that could potentially get them closer to finishing school. Additionally, they could be part-time students and engage in work-study, or possibly attend school full-time in the hopes of supporting themselves with some other financial alternative. Other than that, there really is no excuse to take a gap year. Overall, students should stay contingent upon their school life.

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