During the second half, senior Samantha Medina preps to take a shot. The shot was successful pushing Bonita one more point ahead. Photo by Daniel Powell


Alexis Jade Ferguson

Bonita Vista High School’s Girls varsity water polo team maintained their undefeated record of 3-0 by managing another victory this season. Thursday, January 19, the Barons won against Otay Ranch High School with a final score of 7-2. Currently, the team is ranked number one in the Metro Mesa League and hopes to win CIF championships by the end of the year.


“I was expecting us to come out strong like we did during the game against Mar Vista High School, to run drives and be more active, but it really didn’t happen. We went in, not thinking we had it won, but confident that we could win and play better than we did,” co-captain junior Julianna Pierce said.


During the first quarter of the game, the Barons lead, 2-0. However, senior flat Sierra Kriss had to leave the pool to receive medical aid from an emergency responder on call after being punched in the face by another player. The quarter ended with 10 ejections, or exclusion fouls, requiring players to leave the field and move to the penalty area for 20 seconds.


“Today was really off for us. We’ve been on a really good streak and I don’t know. We always have a problem with the Otay team. We played down to their level for some reason,” Pierce said. “I don’t think I played that good. I could have done better on offense and I really think as a captain, I should have encouraged [my team] to communicate more.”


The Barons were very focused on offensive tactics during the second quarter. Though Otay made one goal, junior Brianna Villalva (10), scored as well, putting the girls in a two-point lead. By halftime, BVH was winning with a score of 3-1. Coach Betty Alexander called a timeout to review their recent plays and how to improve coming into the third quarter.


“I think that the game didn’t go as planned and we didn’t play to our full potential despite the score. Our team can improve and has been improving throughout these games by communicating and giving our all,” Kriss said. “I feel as though we are all lucky to have each other and are all really close [which] improves our dynamic in the pool.”


The Otay team made a goal during the third quarter, putting the score at 3-2. By the end of the quarter, Pierce scored one more goal for the team, placing them in a two-point lead. Senior and co-captain Emily Williams worked on the defensive, trying to block shots from the opposing players.


“When we played last Tuesday, we started first quarter really strong and started scoring right away and just kept the momentum up. Today, it was hard to get the momentum going. There wasn’t a lot of communication. There wasn’t a lot of ‘we got one goal, let’s go get another one,’” Alexander said.


In the fourth quarter, Pierce (7) made her third goal during the game and Sam Medlam (16), managed a shot as well. Despite many efforts to make goals, Otay could not gain an advantage, thus resulting in a score of 7-2. Kriss made the winning shot, allowing the girls to take home their eighth victory of the season and putting them closer to acquiring the CIF title.


“They never give up, so no matter what we always come back and in the end they managed to pull it out in the last three minutes and have a good game,” Alexander said. “I am very proud of this team. They’re wonderful girls, I don’t have a complaint about any of them. I want to tell them how proud I am. I just don’t get my hopes up, I’m very realistic. Nevertheless, we still should make to the CIF finals.”