After a foul, senior Sage Crawford prepares to shoot a freethrow. Crawford is Bonita Vista’s point guard and shooting guard. Photo by Daniel Powell


Samuel Saenz


Bonita Vista High School boys’ varsity basketball team played away against Mater Dei on Friday Jan. 20. Although BVH lost 83 to 45, the first half started off with a close score, considering Mater Dei is a top 10 team in the county.


“It happens, it’s high school,” teacher and head varsity boys basketball coach Don Dumas said. “People play poorly from time to time and sometimes they play great. You get bad games. Collectively, we had a bad game.”


The first half of the game BVH struggled to keep up with Mater Dei’s mostly offensive playing style. The first half ended with Mater Dei in the lead, 43-29. According to junior and boys’ varsity basketball captain Anthony Mendoza, the fast paced nature of the game also led to mistakes on BVH’s defense.


“For awhile, we were just looking to score in a sense that we weren’t passing the ball. Everyone was looking out for their own, trying to get their [statistics] sheet up. The real way that we play and should be playing is [by] looking for the team score, not just any individual,” senior and boys’ varsity basketball captain Sage Crawford said.


As the third quarter ended, BVH was starting to lose the momentum with Mater Dei in the lead by 33 points. The momentum BVH had previously shown in the first two quarters started to fade as a result of the Mater Dei Crusaders strong offensive strategy.


“I think Mater Dei was a little bit surprised by how close it was early in the game. At half time, they wanted to come out [of] there and make sure that they didn’t lose control of the game,” Dumas said. “The fact that we played better in the first half, energized Mater Dei and we didn’t have a response for it.”


The game ended with Mater Dei at 83 and BVH at 45. According to Crawford, BVH took the loss as an opportunity to learn.


“There’s always room for improvement. I think I played too fast [and] let the opponent speed me up,” Mendoza said. “I let them be the aggressor, so next time, I should play a little bit more composed.”


According to players and Dumas, the loss did not occur completely attributed to mistakes. Mater Dei boys’ basketball is known for having a solid sports program.


“They’re a good team. Mater Dei is good. They are top 10 in the county for a reason. They had good players all around, they shot the ball well. [However] we didn’t, they were aggressive and we weren’t. All that combines for a 40 point defeat,” Dumas said


According to Mendoza, the game allowed BVH to see limitations and “humble” themselves in order to become a stronger team.
“The game was like a wake up call, today’s type of gameplay doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter who we play, whether it’s The Lakers, The Spurs, it doesn’t matter. We need to play our way and if we play it our way and still lose, then we’re fine with that,” Crawford said.