Senior and co-Editor-in-Chief Nicole Del Rosario, surrounded by her staff, looks over the roster for students who have already submitted their quotes. Junior Jillian Bromma offered her advice on how to format senior portraits and deciding what statements are appropriate for publishing. Photo by Alexis Jade Ferguson.


Abigail Sosa


Yearbook’s Editors-in-Chief, senior Nicole Del Rosario and junior Raymond Hernandez, decided to incorporate senior quotes in an attempt to make gradual changes for the 2016-17 Bonita Vista High School yearbook. Senior quotes have been an absent element from the yearbook since 2013. However, instead of placing the quotes under the students’ portraits, there will be two separate pages dedicated specifically to the quotes known as “Seniors Say”.


“I think within the yearbook there should be a change every year, including the senior quotes. It is honestly a bit difficult to get everyone to do senior quotes. It’s either you do it or you don’t but [our current plan is] a very creative way of doing it,” yearbook advisor Michele Godoy said.


Yearbook is only allowing for 60 quotes to make the two last pages after senior portraits since page space is limited, all quotes have to be edited before they are put on the final pages. Other schools within the Sweetwater Union High School District have senior quotes in their yearbooks, such as San Ysidro High School and Otay Ranch High School. However, the company the BVH yearbook works with, Herff Jones, typically does not include senior quotes.  


“We work with Herff Jones. They provide our cap and gowns and our senior packets and everything. They basically have a branch of schools in Northern California. We are the [most] southwest school that Herff Jones hires,” Del Rosario said.


Both editors stated that Del Rosario ultimately came up with the idea, after gaining inspiration from the 2013 yearbook. In previous years, the editors have decided against including senior quotes which has led to the inconsistency. These decisions are made when the editors pitch their ideas to the staff at the beginning of the year in a process called “the ladder.”


“I like doing the quotes. It’s something that we wanted to incorporate. [It’s] not the way we thought [it would be], but another way,” Hernandez said. “I would like to keep it the same but take it a step further and have all seniors do quotes. I would definitely go to English classes to get the quotes because that’s where everyone in [each] grade is.”


According to senior Ashley Navarro, senior quotes are a tradition that should be continued as it is a fun way for every class to show off their personalities. The quotes serve as a way for seniors to express their last thoughts before leaving high school. Twenty quotes have been submitted within the first week and the yearbook staff is expecting for more to come. If quotes exceed the 60 mark, the editors will consider adding space for more.


“Senior quotes are a great way for students to leave their mark and allow students to, later on, look back and think ‘What was going on during that period?’” senior Faustino Hampson-Medina said.


Yearbook’s goal is to have more seniors participate in upcoming years.The editors hope to be able to include quotes under the pictures, without it looking inconsistent with the design.


“The page ‘Seniors Say’ should be continued throughout the years but not necessarily quotes under the pictures themselves. The single page itself should be continued because it gives a small voice to those that have always had this idea of leaving high school with a quote to be remembered by,” Del Rosario said.