A row of new computers with the new software are lined up inside the library. Like the rest of the desktops there, the computers are open for all students to use. http://jorgehernandezfernandez.com/?p=240 Photo by Jamilynn Geske


Jamilynn Geske


On April 3, three of Bonita Vista High School’s classrooms got their computers replaced with the Lenovo Tiny Desktop that were preinstalled with the usual programs, such as Adobe products, that students currently use. Dell computers were used in rooms 202, the Learning Center and the Library since February of 2008. According to the school’s Computer Technician David Elsheikh, the computers were overdue to be replaced with newer ones since the previous computers were in poor condition after nine years of being used by students and teachers.  

The new computers are equipped with a more advanced and an updated software. The updated software went from the Windows 7 operating system, a version from 2009, to the most recent version, Windows 10. The change in systems gave the result of better functioning technology that is to be used by people on campus.

“The Learning Center received 25 Lenovo computers, room 202 received 36 and the library received 20. Prior to spring break, the library had 20 lenovos that were about a year and a half old, [along with] 20 old Dell desktops. The 20 Dells were replaced for a total of 40 Lenovos,” Elsheikh said.

Only three rooms on campus were provided with the equipment, however, room 201 was said to have been upgraded with new computers two years prior to this recent change.

“They were not pre-installed [with programs we use but], Mr. Elsheikh took care of us they installed [what we needed],” photography teacher and digital media production advisor Edwin Lim said.

Students and teachers of the three chosen rooms were notified before spring break as to when they are going to receive the computers. Attitudes towards the new computers are shown to be positive by the people who work directly with the Lenovos.

“I felt as if God had answered the class prayers on getting new functional computers,” junior and Computer Art student Michael Jimenez said. “It was a miracle come true and an unforgettable moment in our lives in which we finally converted to the new style.”

According to Lim and Jimenez, the previous computers did a moderate job when they were used to do work on. However, students were relieved when receiving the computers for the classroom.

“It brings up the morale [in my classroom], we can produce stuff [like our digital art] with joy. We have equipment that respects our ability, so we’re able to do graphic design and computer art for the school at a decent pace,” Lim said.

With the technology given, both students and teachers are able to keep up with the amount of work handed to them on a daily basis, in comparison to the productivity of the former Dell computers.

“The older computers were very slow at performance and would make a program crash if you clicked too fast.The new computers are much faster and can load files and images without lag and help me use multiple programs at once,” Jimenez said.

According to Lim and Jimenez, for the first couple weeks of being in use the new computers have worked efficiently without any problems being reported. Elsheikh also noted how programming the computers for usage became simpler.

“It makes a huge difference in reducing maintenance time for me. [It also] allows us to use a current operating system and current versions of Photoshop, Microsoft Office [and other softwares],” Elshiekh said.

Although getting new equipment connotes to being positive, according to Lim, some of his equipment have been stolen in the past. Fortunately, the desktops received are installed with the feature known as Absolute, made to prevent any future thefts from occurring.

“Absolute is the computer theft recovery software system that we use. It’s installed on all laptops and PCs [in the school]. [It also] works with law enforcement similar to the car theft recovery system LoJack,” Elsheikh said.

Though the regard for theft is taken into precaution since it has previously happened before, so far no action of the sort has occurred for as long the Lenovos have been installed.

“The computer technician said that the [old desktops] were eight years old. They were old, clunky, they were so slow. But it was really like magic. I believe Elshiekh fought for us. He lobbied his bosses saying we have old computers and we should be in the rotation of [having it] updated and it just happened,” Lim said.