IB class of 2017 secretary Mary Talamantez, historian Valerie Gonzaga, president Kyle Tucker and treasurer Ariana Chavez plan upcoming social events for their class. The meeting was held on Wed, April 25 in the office conference room in addition to their usual Tuesday and Thursday meetings in order to discuss topics like the Limb International fundraiser. http://ourfamilyspa.com/herpes Photo by Joseph Casey


Cedric Vitug


A fundraiser to provide prosthetic limbs to children in developing countries has been set in motion by Bonita Vista High School’s International Baccalaureate class of 2017. The organization, Limbs International, will be benefitted through the Learning for Limbs program, which involves the selling and purchasing of socks online and in person by students.

“We wanted to find a way for us to raise money and contribute back to the community. Mr. Phelps found an option for us where we sell socks and raise money for those in need,” senior IB secretary Mary Talamantez said.

Both Talamantez and senior IB president Kyle Tucker are two students among five who are responsible for planning and establishing the upcoming fundraiser. The officers have held meetings in discussing the logistics of the fundraiser and is currently in the planning stages. The fundraiser originally began as a Creativity, Activity, Service project, which every IB student is required to complete. However, the officers decided to expand it into a fundraiser, which can still fulfill the “Service” aspect of CAS.

“[Limbs International] was an organization that other IB clubs had raised money for and the officers felt that it would be a good organization to support,” Advanced Placement and IB coordinator Jared Phelps said.

This is not the first time that the IB program has done fundraisers in support of organizations. Until a few years ago, these fundraisers were held annually, with Walk for Water as the previous organization supported. Walk for Water was an organization that aimed to bring awareness to the global water crisis.

“We will be able to be in contact with those whom we provided prosthetics for when the campaign is over, so I would be eager to talk to them and perhaps be able to see how our contributions have helped them,” Tucker said.

Several dozen pairs of socks are planned to be sold in person while the rest will be purchased online through the organization’s website. IB Officers plan on promoting the website to encourage students and their families to purchase socks. The socks are crew length and offered in a variety of patterns and colors.

“We want to raise a few hundred dollars. That way our goal is realistic, but can still really help out some people,” Talamantez said.

The IB officers hope the class of 2017 will sell 150 pairs of socks by the end of the fundraiser. Once a certain amount of pairs of socks are sold, the organization will provide a prosthetic leg to an individual who is in need of one. Sock packs are also planned to be distributed to those locally in need and will be provided by Limbs International. Along with that goal, they also hope that this fundraiser will continue on in future IB classes, as this has not been done for years according to Phelps.

“I would love to see this continue in other classes. IB is about engaging with the community and leaving a lasting impact. If we could continue the fundraiser other years it would be rewarding for everyone involved,” Talamantez said.

As the planning stages continue, Phelps states that supporting organizations through fundraisers can help students grow a deeper sense of their shared global citizenship.

“I think that raising money for an organization or cause is never a bad thing. I believe that all beneficiary organizations could benefit from added funds to aid them in their goals and aims. However, I am a much bigger fan of the sort of fundraising that we are doing with [Learning for Limbs], as each individual student will literally have something, socks, to remind them of the positive effects their contributions have had,” Tucker said.