Alexis Jade Ferguson

In 2015, Miss Bonita and Miss Sweetwater Valley, Bonita Vista alumnae Chantal Branscomb and senior Caitlin Lange, respectively, were recognized for their outstanding community service involvement and citizenship. Now, Lange and Branscomb have been honored by San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox with a day of recognition on April 23.

“I do these kinds of community service events because I think it is important for young people to be active participants in their community and make their voice heard. I also see my time as Miss Sweetwater Valley as a way to inspire younger girls,” Lange said.

At the Chili Cook Off on Sunday, April 23, Cox presented each girl with a proclamation establishing their day of recognition across the entire San Diego county. Cox presented a brief speech to the audience at the event and according to the girls, they were completely unknowing they would receive the special honor. Cox did not immediately respond to a request to comment.

“A few times we have gone to speak at San Diego County Board of Supervisors and I guess Greg Cox, who nominated us to be represented for the proclamation, liked the way we spoke at a couple of events and decided he would bring it forth with the board,” C. Branscomb said.

Each was awarded a plaque during the Chilli Cook off as a sign of gratitude for their service for modern-day youth. Both Miss Bonita and Miss Sweetwater Valley visit elementary schools, organize BonitaFest and volunteer at events such as the Chula Vista Lemon Festival and Starlight Parade.

According to Max Branscomb, C. Branscomb’s father, he believes that their community service involvement is important when taking on the position of role models for the younger generation.

“That is the most important job—being involved. I was so proud of them for being great role models for the last two years. Chantal went one day to Sunnyside Elementary School and answered questions and spoke to the children for half an hour. Chantal realized that they all looked up to her, so she tried to tell them that, ‘You guys can do amazing things, you can become scientists and be the president of the United States.’ And they listened to her. Chantal and Caitlin’s power as role models is really important,” M. Branscomb said.