Senior Joshua Jugar runs to keep the ball in play while junior Nozomu Tateishi is alert for a play to follow. Jugar and Tateishi wins help contribute to the teams success at BVHS. cheap diflucan Photo by Samuel Saenz


Tristan Roach

Everyone knows the tennis stars, the Williams sisters, Federer and so many others, yet so few understand the game. On Apr. 20, 2017 Bonita Vista’s varsity boys tennis team came out with a 12-6 victory against Mater Dei.

BVH’s first doubles team of junior Nozomu Tateishi and senior Joshua Jugar went 2-1 against Mater Dei’s doubles teams. Their wins helped contribute to the boys’ tennis victory as a whole.

“There are three teams of doubles from home and visitor and then, everyone plays each other. Each team plays in a total of three games,” Tateishi said.

Each of the school’s teams is ranked from one to three, one being the best and three being the worst. Each team will square off against the opponent once and the total scores will be tallied at the end.

“After we finish a game we give our scores to the managers and we put it on a chart and circle the games that we won. Those scores are tallied up and that’s how you determine the winner or loser,” Tateishi said.

Their first of three games was a close 6-4 loss to Mater Dei’s first doubles team. The first team to reach six sets in a game wins. This match was back and forth with the game being tied in sets for a majority of the time.

“We were playing really well, but it’s just the opponent out did us. We got kind of overconfident there at the end, they were really good players,” Jugar said.

Jugar and Tateishi had a 4-3 lead going into the eighth set. Momentum and the game shifted in favor of Mater Dei after a seventeen hit rally to decide advantage in a deuce. After Mater Dei took this point they went on to win three consecutive sets to win the game 6-4.

“We faced them in singles both times. That was our first time playing against them in doubles, we lost to them in singles too,” said Tateishi.

Jugar and Tateishi were able to win their next two games in domineering fashion. Playing against the number two team for Mater Dei, they won 6-1 only losing points off double faults and unforced errors. They won their next game with even more domination winning 6-0 only allowing four points to be scored on them during the entirety of the game.

“We had our top players in so that made the difference. Our team played well. Our doubles were strong, we ended with the win so that was nice with singles. Our team was pretty happy with how we did,” varsity boys and girls tennis coach Karla Bautista said.

BVH had previously lost to Mater Dei, but the win was important for a few reasons. According to Bautista, it serves as both a confidence booster for the team and moves the team to a higher overall seed in the upcoming California Interscholastic Federation singles matches.

“The other team was actually incomplete. They were missing some players so right off the bat they took a couple of defaults. So, that doesn’t hurt us to have a couple of points before even starting the match,” Bautista said.

With the Metro Mesa Conference tournament on Apr. 26 and CIF singles coming up on May 15, the team is looking to prepare and do well in the competitions. Bautista, being both the girls and boys coach sees many similarities between the players.

“They’re all athletes. They all come out here to compete and they all want to win so in that sense they’re the same because they’re all just competitive in nature, and they get upset if they lose and they get really stoked if they win,” Bautista said.