Toscano is on his fifth stroke at the third hole. Before taking a swing, Toscano will first mentally measure the amount of strength needed to hit the ball into the hole and at what angle. Photo by Linda Lazarit


Danielle Bloom


On April 18, 2017 Bonita Vista High School’s boys’ golf team played their lowest point game of the season against Mater Dei Catholic High School. They played the first nine holes at the Bonita Vista Golf Course with a par of 35. After the coaches added up the cumulative scores of all the players, BVH received a score of 243, while Mater Dei got 188.

Typically, a match will consist of six players from each school broken down into three groups. However, this match BVH was down one player, having had only had five players, due to the sixth player being sick. The first group contained senior David Toscano, the second had sophomore captain Conner Becotte and freshman Jackson Reaksecker and the third group had junior Franklin Forbes II and sophomore Noah Canceo.

In the graphic titled “The individual scores of golfers ” a breakdown of each of the player’s individual’s scores is presented.


Toscano received a final score of 47. He ranked second amongst the group he played in. In the second group, Becotte scored 47 and Reaksecker scored 48. In the third group, Forbes II got 54 and Canceo scored 47, placing second in the set.

A par is the number of strokes needed to get the golf ball into the hole. Swinging below the par level is known as a birdie. Reaksecker was the only player from BVH to hit a birdie, which was during his second hole. The total number of strokes used to get the ball into all nine holes is the player’s final score.  

A golf handicap is the number a player hits above the par level. If the player hits above the par, then the number of strokes hit above is the handicap score. For example, if a player were to hit six strokes on a four par hole, then the player’s handicap score is two. As the graphic shows, most players hit a handicap score of 15.

According to the head coach James Goodwin, Toscano was in the running to qualify for CIF in the beginning of the season, his performance in the next two matches will determine if he will qualify.

With two more matches lined up, the hopes for the upcoming season were expressed by Goodwin.

“[I hope to] try and convince my players to consider golf as more of a year round sport versus a [season only sport] and continue our positive momentum as a team and improving our golf,” Goodwin said.