Senior long distance track runner Natalie Medina


Linda Lazarit

A consistent year round runner, Bonita Vista High senior Natalie Medina runs for the cross country team and participates in the event of long distance for track and field.  Her performance in cross country and track and field have allowed her to commit to California State University, Chico.

“What differentiates Natalie Medina from other runners is her determination and her authentic love for running. She is already one of the fastest girls in the league and in San Diego, but she consistently believes there is always room for improvement,” varsity long distance runner and  junior Armando Campos said.

The sport of running requires that an athlete to be dedicated to improving their performance, and practice everyday. Medina proves that she is this kind of athlete, with her personal records. With the times she has achieved, Medina was able to place in the top 5 in the league of San Diego.

“Natalie is an all around athlete, meaning that she works extremely hard to better herself in the field and academically, she’s an excellent student and runner. She also works hard to better the team as a whole,” long distance coach Matt Seat said.

According to coach Matt Seat, Medina’s persistence with the sport has allowed her to further her education. She has taken several rigorous courses throughout her high school career, such as Advanced Placement classes, which have helped her to stand out in her college applications.

“At the start of my junior year, I started emailing coaches and just looking into programs that fitted where I was at and also schools that had my major, kinesiology. Then I visited Chico in February and I ran with the team. I stayed the night with the girls and once I had all my options laid out, I just went with my gut. Chico is a great program, so I’m excited to be a part of it,” Medina said.

Medina practicing rigorously, was one of the steps she had taken in committing to Chico. Similar to her running, she kept in continuous contact with the coaches that she emailed throughout her junior year, she updated the coaches on her PRs and her placement in the San Diego leagues.

“I know I train everyday and I put a lot of trust in my training. Obviously there are people who are better than me, but I have to know that I prepared myself to the best of my ability. As long as I know that I’ve done everything that I can, I am confident in what I can do,” Medina said.