Jose Orozco


This school year Bonita Vista High School’s campus acquired a new building located behind the dance room. The building is a new athletic girls’ locker room. This building, however, was yet another development towards the athletic department, leaving the arts program unrenovated once again.   

As the sports programs receive funding to construct new buildings, the art programs should get similar support. The Sweetwater Union High School District should have an equal balance between funding for sports and the arts. Doing so, will demonstrate that the latter are equally considered important for our community.

While there is a noticeable need to enhance the performing arts facilities at BVH, the school has decided to take upon the Bonita Vista Artificial Track and Field for this year. Students and parents have gone to the school district offices demanding for renovation on the Bolles theater, but their efforts have being in vein, from what appear now.

For much time, those who use the Bolles theater have implored for an expansion and reparation of the building. During the rainy weather, the water leaks down into the electrical wires of the spotlight—creating a hazard to performers. Due to the limited space the theater has, the Vocal Music Department has to resort to performing at other locations like the Mayan Hall at Southwestern College or the Lincoln High School theater, all of which requires funds to be used from thier tight budget.

It is evidently necessary to repair and expand the Bolles theater. The benefits to the expansion of the Bolles theater would have a positive effect for the varying performing arts programs at BVH. Performances from both Club Blue and Mariachi could be done within an expanded Bolles theater.

Club Blue is also in need of greater funding. Anyone can see the many students from the group walking around with ripped cases with instruments in bad shape inside.

The instruments’ condition has a lot to do with their age, yet it is also affected by the fact that there is only one individual to repair the instruments, if there is any possibility to fix them, leading to long periods of time waiting for the reparation of these. Only recently has Club Blue acquired a new bari-saxophone, due to the fact that their older bari-saxophone “Rex,” was unplayable, as it missed several keys and leaked air.

Similarly to Bolles theater, currently the band room has insufficient space to satisfy the necessities of both Band and Color Guard. This issue, however, depends on the area to store their working instruments. In addition, the space serves as a locker room for the students who form Club Blue, but it appears that the space’s finite room has detrimental effects on the group, due to the fact that the room cannot support the over 100 students in the program.

It is important to note as well that some revenue could be collected from the performances that most of the art programs do. The problem remains on the sporadic support from our school community. At a football game one can see a larger percentage of people from our school attending, compared to performing art events. Many times this is due to the remoteness where the performing arts program takes place, yet for these reasons the reparation and expansion of the Bolles theater could help these programs significantly.

If Bolles theater is expanded, many of the performing arts programs within our campus will be able to depend less on the budget they get from the district, and utilize their revenue on present needs. In addition, with constant presence of performing arts events, individuals in our community with broaden their taste in entertainment.

It is a waste that our talented students seem ostracized, due to the lack of support. They play a substantial role in the school, as they bring a diverse array of activities onto our campus. In addition, universities seek out these performing arts programs when considering admission. It is necessary to show an equal balance between the arts and sports programs.