Yasmine Bourgi
Staff Writer

Juniors Jon Ibarguren and Kyle Rex, known as “POTENTIAL” started recording music in the summer of 2017. These recording sessions resulted in two tracks, both of which were released on Soundcloud.

“We are both big fans of this artist named Logic, we got inspired by his music that had real purpose and meaning behind it, so we decided we wanted to give it a try,” Ibarguren said. “We both had a big interest in the musical field so we just went with it.”

According to Ibarguren and Rex, they use their music to show that rap isn’t as stereotypical as it is portrayed in the media. They believe this is very important to communicate through their music. Their first track “Rise.” had a clear message they wanted to convey.

“‘Rise.’ was made to settle our foundations and to show who we really are as people [and] to establish what we’re doing in regards to the music field and where we want to go with this idea,” Ibarguren said.

With their strong passion for music, Ibarguren and Rex decided to start creating music together. Their three years of friendship made it seem that they were the best and most convenient choice for each other.

“We’ve been friends for a long time so we thought if we had anyone we could rely on it would be each other. We decided it would be best for best friends to do it together, it kind of sprouted from that.” Ibarguren said.

Their second track called “Aluminum Foil Grill” features their friend, junior Miguel Webb, in which they call out mainstream rappers.

“Many rappers in the industry nowadays have so many lyrics and songs on trying to portray themselves as greater than they are by trying to describe their wealth,” Ibarguren said. “[This song is] really more to humble out those other rappers [who] we are trying to distinguish ourselves [from].”

Rex and Ibarguren had always wanted to feature Webb. Webb claims that it all started as a joke, but Ibarguren and Rex were serious in wanting him to record with them so he agreed.

“I had to come up with my lyrics, directing them towards rappers who think they’re above everyone else to be humble,” Webb said.

Behind the scenes of their released content, came the process of getting everything together; this consisted of developing a theme, creating the lyrics and tracks and finally recording the music.

“We got Logic Pro X on the computer for the tracks behind the music. We then worked on that, did some editing and came up with the lyrics ourselves. After that, we just came together sat down in his room and recorded,” Ibarguren said.

“POTENTIAL” has had more than 3,500 plays on Soundcloud and plenty of positive feedback on their rhythm, sound, and lyrics.

“We did this to try something new,” Rex said. “All the feedback, the positive comments and the views we got were really encouraging. What started as a one song type of thing turned into actually wanting to make more music.”

According to Ibarguren, he was only expecting 100 or 200 listens but ended up with over 3,500 which he was very appreciative of. Although they are very passionate about their music, they both don’t consider pursuing rapping as a career.

“It’s just a hobby in my opinion, but I really like doing it with [Ibarguren] and would want to do it for as long as I can, maybe until college. I am not looking for a serious career as a rapper personally,’’ Rex said.

The “POTENTIAL” duo have various tracks that will be coming out soon. They intend to release one for homecoming which will be named the date of Oct. 21, 2017 “10/21/17.” Racism and stereotypes are also themes that they are thinking of pursuing in the future.

“We want to convey the message that rap isn’t about money and wealth. We want to have an actual meaning for what we say,” Rex said. “We just want to stand out and speak up about injustices in the world.”