Catherine Armenta

As the school year progresses at Bonita Vista High School, a variety of clubs are beginning their fundraising plans in a new format than what they’re previously used to. After the creation of a club manual and modifications to fundraising application forms, changes may arise in the way clubs fund and spend money.

“[The ASB registration form information and prior approval has] actually been an old process that’s been used. It’s just never been put into practice. What you have to do now is you get a fundraiser application from the ASB, fill the top part out, turn it into the ASB. Then we have to approve it,” ASB Vice President and Club Commissioner Ramiro Hampson-Medina said. “Once we approve it we’ll make a copy and give the original back to the club so that they can get their [post fundraiser information].”

While the ASB has always had these requirements in place, they are beginning to formally require clubs to turn in registrations forms earlier and to specify more on the products that they plan to sell. In addition, the formulated club manual was digitally sent to all club advisors in hopes of helping clubs, organizations, and athletics understand their policies.

“[Due to] the changing of advisors and coaches, we’ve decided that rather than us always training them year by year it would just be better to have a manual to give to them so they know what to do,” Assistant Principal of Student Activities Christopher Alvarez said. “Hopefully all the advisors are reading it and they’re understanding the procedures better.”

Hampson-Medina also mentioned how another enhancement to the fundraising process is the prior approval form which should be filled out two weeks in advance to ASB meetings for approval.

“I don’t think it is more difficult. The clubs have to start putting in just a little more effort to be on time with their stuff,” Hampson-Medina said.

Clubs that do a variety of fundraising will have to fill out the prior approval registration forms often. These forms include a section titled “Number of items purchased for sale” in which clubs must also fill out the total costs of these items.

“You’re supposed to buy all your materials before the fundraiser, and report how much you spent. If your fundraiser isn’t approved then you have all this that you spent money on and can’t sell, and when it comes to things you can’t return or might go bad if they’re not used fast enough, this might mean you’ve just wasted a lot of money for nothing,” President of Saving Lives of Threatened Species club Emma Rand said.

Similar to other clubs on campus, S.L.O.TH.S club fundraised frequently through activities such as food fair, however Rand feels as though the process has simply been made difficult.

“My club is planning to sell things at the second Food Fair this semester. To do that, we have to fill out how much we spent for the product, and since [the second] Food Fair isn’t until December, none of us want to buy the food now and have it sitting around until then,” Rand said. “[We are] trying to figure out whether we should just estimate the price or if we should just risk waiting until two weeks before Food Fair to turn in the form and hope that no one else has already submitted a form to sell that same product.”

In relations to ASB, Hampson-Medina states that the forms are not a difficult process to deal with, they are just tedious and they accumulate. Despite these factors, Hampson-Medina continues to discuss how the new requirements can be beneficial.

“I think it’s an advantage. It allows us more time to do deal with [prior approval forms] and then it also doesn’t make us have to go back and have to do it backwards again and just redo the stuff so I think it is an advantage to getting the stuff on time,” Hampson-Medina said.

Although this process may benefit ASB, it also poses a possibly discouraging restriction on fundraising for clubs due to the timeliness of certain purchases and their approval.

“The new fundraising applications will make fundraising more difficult,” Rand said.
“The forms have little sections that seem counterintuitive or at least difficult to follow, so it brings up the question of whether you should do the fundraiser at all and risk losing time and money.”