Micheal Jimenez-Poblete
Staff Artist

As a four-year member of the Bonita Vista High Co-Ed dance club, senior Anthony Quintero has been promoted to assistant director. Aside from his affiliation with Co-Ed, Quintero has been involved in performing arts since the age of seven, working with various troupes that specialize in dance.

“He first started dancing at Culture Shock Dance Studio where he auditioned and became part of their youth dance troupe, Mighty Shock, for people 13 and under. He then went on to audition for Future Shock, which was their youth dance troupe for ages 17 and under,” mother of A. Quintero, Magaly Quintero said.

With his experience from dancing with Shock Dance Studio’s troupes called Mighty Shock and Future Shock, he was able to participate in various troupe competitions. After that, he became involved in various dance competitions like World of Dance, Body Rock Jr., Maxt out and Hip Hop International. In prior to joining BVH’s Co-Ed, he has shown how he had previously been performing for the past several years. Co-Ed member and senior Peyton Toledo is a witness to what A. Quintero is capable of presenting.

“He always gives a lot of energy and is always able to entertain people [through his dancing]. He has always been really talented,” Toledo said.

While A. Quintero currently shows much passion for performing on stage, he did not always have this mindset. At first, he was hesitant but then he grew into the idea of incorporating performing arts into his life.

“I didn’t really decide to join the dance community. I tried it about 10 years ago, and now here I am. At first, I was thinking that maybe I wasn’t going to like it. The more I did it, the more I got into it,” A. Quintero said.

According to A. Quintero, he is comfortable expressing himself on stage in front of crowds. He finds that he has developed confidence along with his passion for dance.

“It feels great honestly. This is me and this is what I like to do,” A. Quintero said.

Due to his development and dedication to dance as he has grown older, A. Quintero continues to focus on developing his skills as a dancer and now truly enjoys the creative process and performing. Every year, Co-Ed performs twice at assemblies.

“It is usually just one assembly per semester and that is really it. I still dance as a part of the team, but if the director can’t be there, I’d be taking charge as a director to focus on the team, which is enough for me to be satisfied,” A. Quintero said.

Toledo believes in A. Quintero’s ability to be successful in dance and directing the group. Toledo is confident that dance is something A. Quintero will continue with after high school.

“I [believe] he will continue to dance for as long as he can. He can make it to larger groups,” Toledo said.

A. Quintero is also involved in various organizations outside BVH and has participated in annual community dance events.

“In addition to the competitions, there have been community dance events like Shock N the Park and full-fledged productions like Hip Hop Nutcracker that runs every year,” M. Quintero said.

The people who surround A. Quintero recognize his dance talent but are quick to mention his artistic talent isn’t limited to the dance floor. It is also said that has a specialty for other talents.

“Dance would definitely be one of his most prominent talents. Although, I believe he has the natural ability to pick up artistic talents overall,” M. Quintero said.

Until now, dance has been an ongoing creative outlet but as graduation approaches, he is considering making it the focus of his continuing education after high school. His talent for dance may, in fact, become his career.

“Having dance as my career definitely has been thought of. I’ve actually considered going to performing art schools for majoring or minoring in dance. I feel like it is my most prominent talent. I’ve been doing it for awhile and it’s something I could really stick to if [my other career options don’t] work out,” A. Quintero said.

Aside from his fellow classmates believing in him, his mother also believes in his talent and supports his desire to continue dancing.

“I’m excited to see where dance will continue to take him and would like him to know he has all of his family’s support,” M. Quintero said.

Although dance is not something he originally chose, it now plays an important role in his life and is a source of pride among his family.

“Seeing my son on stage doing what he loves is the most rewarding feeling a parent can have. I’m extremely proud of how much he’s grown and how dance enables all his artistic abilities,”  M. Quintero said. “All of our family takes pride in sharing his videos with friends. He truly is talented and I love to brag about it.”