Samuel Saenz
Alexander Kolshorn

The audience was excited, people were cheering and the visitor side looked gloomy, the Barons were leading the Spartans 21-3 and the game seemed to be decided in that first half.

Although the Barons won the first half of the game that took place Friday, Sept. 22, the second half of the game was taken by Chula Vista High. In the last two quarters, the Spartans scored 21 points, enough to make the score 24-21 in favor of CVH.

“Our defense did really well and our offense did good too but there are some things we have to pick up, we have to execute and be more physical, we have to hit the weightroom more and we have to come out harder next week,” Senior and DT Julian Villagomez said.

After beginning the season with a loss streak, according to senior and QB Franklin Forbes, the team is now developing a strategy in regards to offense and the plays they run, however the team is still struggling with morale issues that need to be solved.

“You get used to losing and you find ways to lose. We found a way to lose. It wasn’t the other team, we just found a way to lose. That’s our fault, we’re a young experienced team and we couldn’t hold on,” Football head coach Aaron Jones said.

With the fourth loss of the season, the team hopes to correct the errors that have been brought to light and perform better at their full ability once they enter Metro Conference League.

“We became one dimensional, passing the ball all the time and we couldn’t complete passes so we kept stopping the clock and we gave them time to come back. Defense played a heck of a game but we just couldn’t pull it off,” Forbes said.