Samuel Saenz
Alexander Kolshorn

Two injured players, an offensive lineman down and no bus provided by the district. This is how Bonita Vista High School varsity football head coach Aaron Jones started his Friday morning before coaching the Barons against the school he was part of for 11 years, Madison High School. After the district failed to provide a bus for the football team, Jones was forced to find transportation to the game and pay for it out of his own pocket, ultimately settling for the only bus available, a party bus.

The Barons arrived to the game at Madison High School’s field, ready to play and hoping to win after a two loss streak. That hope faded quickly as the Barons were losing the first quarter by 35 points, second quarter 42-0, and third quarter with a final score of 56-6.

“I was really sad because everyone, particularly coach Jones, wanted us to do really well. This was his ‘homecoming.’ I am really disappointed that we didn’t play hard enough,” quarterback coach Brandon Hawkins said.

The Barons received the first kick of the game and advanced 15 yards. However, minutes later, their luck ran out as Madison scored a touchdown on a blocked punt. The point after touchdown was valid and the score became Madison-7, BVH-0.

Four minutes after the first touchdown, Madison scored a 35 yard touchdown on BVH making the score 13-0. No more than half a minute had passed since the last touchdown and Madison had scored another one, this time a recovery from a fumble. Seven minutes 10 seconds into the first quarter the score was 20-0 in favor of Madison.

Two more touchdowns occurred before the end of the first quarter, both achieved by Madison. By the end of the first quarter the scoreboard marked Madison-35, BVH-0.

“I was expecting for the team to be fired up to match coach’s level but I was let down, the nerves got to the team and we didn’t have energy from the beginning,” senior QB Franklin Forbes said. “We did not start competing until it was too late.”

The second quarter began with another touchdown in Madison’s favor and the PAT made it 42-0. The Barons’ defense managed to stop Madison from scoring any more points in the second quarter but the damage was already done.

During halftime, Hawkins told the the team that a win was no longer possible in the circumstances they were in, so what they needed to do was play harder and lose with some pride.

“In my opinion, it’s not that we got out beat. They are a good team. The big thing was not talent or anything like that, it was heart,” defensive tackle senior Alexander Toland said. “Heart is the thing we’re struggling with on the team and we need to improve it. One game at a time, one practice at a time, one hour at a time we are all trying to work on it. I love my team, I’m there for them and we just have to get it done.”

Beginning the second half, Madison returned a kickoff for a 95 yard touchdown followed by a valid PAT which made the score 49-0. According to Forbes, the Barons were not experienced enough for this game, allowing their opponents a large point lead from the start of the game.

Seven minutes after Madison scored, the Barons scored their first touchdown, making the score 49-6. Madison scored another touchdown and PAT minutes later and the third quarter ended 56-6.

During the fourth quarter the Barons’ defense was able to hold back Madison, however, the offense was not able to score any touchdowns. As rain began to fall, the game ended leaving the final score was 56-6 in favor of Madison.

“I thought we would come out here and fight. I knew they were a h*ll of a team, they’re going to play physical and play hard,” Jones said. “I expected us to give more fight than we did but at the end of the day, [Madison] has a great program, a great team. I was here for 11 years and I was part of this so I know how the magic works. We tried but I expected a little bit more from us.”

According to Toland, the team did not perform to its standards, however, it is still growing and as a team they hope to improve in the areas they are lacking.

“We have to improve on anything, we have a lot of work to do. We’ll put in the time, we’ll put in the work. We’re going to try,” Jones said.

The Barons left the field with a loss and many improvements to make. However, this is not the end of the season, there are still seven games for the “mighty” Barons to perform, compete and demonstrate their abilities in.

“Next game, we hope to score a few more points and I would like to see the team be physically and mentally tougher. When we fall behind we tend to put our heads down and that’s not what they have been taught so we have to fix that,” Hawkins said, “We lost the game but we’re still Barons and I’m still a Baron alumni. I will be here next week and we’re going to try just as hard.”